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Thoughts on Who Was
Responsible for Dr. Kelly's Death

by Jim Rarey

The intelligence agencies of many countries cooperate in actions where they have a common interest. There are at least four countries who would have been worried about Dr. Kelly divulging his knowledge of their biowarfare programs; The UK, US, Russia, and Israel. One might add Germany to that list because of its involvement in the black market for equipment and biologic samples and Kelly's close association with one of its top experts, Gabriele Kraatz Wadsack .

Kelly seemed to have surrounded himself with women whose top loyalty was to their nations' elite, e.g. Olivia Bosch and the RIIA, Judith Miller and the CFR, Mai Pederson and US Army intelligence, in addition to Gabriele.

The fact that he was considering writing a book, or at least contributing to an anthology on biowarfare after his imminent retirement may have been the deciding factor. Particularly since the publishing company (Worldwide Publications) specializes in Islamic religion and philosophy books by Islamic scholars.

Whatever, whoever drew the assignment to make the hit really botched it by not taking livor mortis into account until it was too late. My prime candidate is MI5 because of the concurrent support operation by the Thames Valley Police (a virtual arm of the MoD police).




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