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Easter Statement From Republican Sinn Féin

by the Leadership of the Republican Movement
Originally published on or about April 12, 2001

The leadership of the Republican Movement sends greetings to all Republican activists, supporters and friends at home and abroad on this the 85th anniversary of the momentous 1916 Easter Rising and the 20th anniversary of the historic Hunger Strike of 1981.

As faithful Republicans throughout Ireland and in many other countries assemble at the graves and monuments of our fallen comrades, let us reflect on the past year and the continuing struggle to achieve an end to English rule in our country. Republicans must never take their eye off the goal they seek to achieve: the end of English rule in Ireland.

Republicans have watched with baited breath during the course of the last year the political antics of constitutional politicians from all sides, speaking with forked-tongues, attempting to shore up a Stormont Agreement which is doomed to failure. We have seen the twists and turns, the manipulation of words and phrases and the downright lies of all those involved in protecting that British-inspired Stormont Agreement, which more than ever before seeks to copper-fasten British rule in our country.

Church and State have promoted "constructive ambiguity" in support of this dishonest deal.

Unionists and nationalists have been told it will lead to contradictory ends which are mutually exclusive. All that has been achieved by the current process over the past number of years is the demobilisation of the Republican struggle.

On the historic 20th anniversary of the Hunger Strike of 1981 we pay tribute to the hunger strikers who gave their lives so courageously for the cause we all so proudly cherish. We salute them, their families and all members of glaigh na h-ireann who have given their lives for Irish Freedom.

It is sad, however, that we have on a daily basis heard the names of these brave men and women being sullied by those who would attempt to justify their own participation in and administering of British rule in our country. The spectacle of British Ministers in attendance at Hunger Strike commemorations is both sickening and hypocritical. We call on those people to desist from dishonouring the names of dead Volunteers.

We have also seen during the past year the attempt by the British to create a climate within which the British RUC may appeal to the nationalist community to support or even to join them and we have seen the pandering of so-called nationalist politicians trying hard to get words to justify support for such a so-called "new" police force. The Republican Movement rejects a British police force in our country and we state clearly that all who are tempted to uphold such should reflect on what happened to those who have done so in the past.

We extend greetings to Republican prisoners loyal to the All-Ireland Republic in Portlaoise and Maghaberry prisons and pay tribute to them for their continuing support. The denial of political status to them at this time brings back vivid memories of 1981 when the struggle for the same political status as today resulted in such great loss. We call on all to campaign again for political status for our prisoners and to rally to the political prisoner-candidate in West Belfast in the coming election.

We recognise the continued resistance to British occupation of our country from both Republican Sinn Féin and the Continuity IRA. The right of the Irish people to rule their own country has -- both before and since the Stormont Agreement - been asserted in every one of the Six British-occupied Counties. We are also aware of the difficult phase that the Republican Movement is going through, brought about by the many enemies working against it, but we assert that the struggle for National Independence will continue on all fronts.

With this in mind we urge the many who for various reasons have drifted from the road of true Republicanism to return and support the struggle that they were diverted from. We understand that many may have difficulties in doing this but the Republican Movement is receptive to every Irishman and Irishwoman and in the words of the Proclamation of 1916 calls for their allegiance.

British-backed loyalist attacks on the nationalist community peaked in recent months and once more as in 1969 we have seen nationalist delegations appealing in vain to the Dublin government for protection.

During the past year we have seen and in the coming years we can expect assaults on our organisation and members from many quarters. We witness the continual harassment of our members by British agents from both sides of the Border, and daily threats to our members, orchestrated by those who will do anything including political assassination, to protect an already discredited British Stormont institution.

Republicans have always suffered at the hands of constitutionalist collaborators. We urge our members to guard against threats and attacks. Meanwhile there is what amounts to a media black-out on publicity from the Movement, and more spokesperson for Republican Sinn Féin have been refused entry to the United States. Minority political viewpoints and freedom of speech are suppressed on both sides of the Atlantic as a Section 31-type censorship is renewed.

We call for full support for the "No" vote in the referendum in the 26 Counties on the Nice Treaty as the EU seeks to tighten its grip on Ireland. More power is to be transferred to the four largest states and neutrality is to be further sliced away. Republicans, true to the Proclamation of 1916, will continue to oppose this new imperialism.

As we go forward for another year let us not forget our fallen comrades from whatever era and mindful of their sacrifice we dedicate our struggle to continue until we achieve our final objective.

The fight goes on not only in word but also by action.
Issued by the Leadership of the Republican Movement, Easter 2001.
(Republican Sinn Féin)

Editor's note: If you compare this article with the preceding article, you will notice that not a single word was spoken in it about Sinn Féin. However, they both desire the same goals, freedom from the British. I suspect that intelligence sources drove a wedge between these two organizations, in its attempt to divide and conquer, just as the American FBI does with organizations of like goals and aspirations. Let's hope that with this publication, that these two equally sincere organizations will come together to achieve power over the British government as I surmise they were together initially.



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