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"32 County Sovereignty Movement Supports
Republican Hunger Striker and Calls on Dublin Government to End Discrimination Policy"

by Joe Dillon
January 4, 2001
TELEPHONE/FAX: 00-353 1 849-2264

The following statement is issued by the National Executive of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement:

"Following representation from the family of Belfast Republican POW Danny McAlister incarcerated in Portlaoise Gaol [jail], we have learned of his Hunger Strike protest started on January 1, 2001.

This extreme action taken by Danny Mc Alister has been forced by the continuing discrimination policy implemented by the Dublin Government by refusing compassionate parole to Republican prisoners to visit sick and dying relatives.

Danny has applied repeatedly to and been refused consistently by the Minister of Justice to visit his elderly, ailing Mother and his seriously ill brother who is suffering from Leukaemia.

Despite repeated attempts by his legal representative to ascertain the criteria and reasons for the refusals, to date the Minister of Justice John O'Donaghue has ignored these requests as he has ignored the requests of other Republican prisoners in Portlaoise Gaol in similar circumstances.

Danny Mc Alister's actions are understandable bearing in mind the torturous treatment he was subjected to during the weeks leading up to the death of his father last year.  At that time the government engaged in "Cat and Mouse" tactics before ultimately refusing him to visit his dying father. He was allowed to attend his father's funeral only as a consequence of initiating legal action.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement demand an end to the current discrimination policy against Republican POW's in Portlaoise Gaol and the immediate full implementation of Political status to all Republican prisoners held in Gaols throughout Ireland.

We call on all human rights organisations and individuals to support the restoration of political status and exert pressure on the Dublin Government to cease this practise forthwith in order to avert another tragedy in an Irish Gaol.



Write to:

Mr. John O'Donoghue, T.D.

Dublin Department of Justice
72-76, St. Stephens Green,
Dublin 2, Ireland.
Telephone: +353 - 1 - 6028202
Minister O'Donoghue Office - 066-72413 and 066-72631
Fax: +353 - 1 - 6615461
Email the Minister of State:


For a complete list of  Irish Republican POWs currently being criminalized under the Stormont Treaty, please visit


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Editor's note: There would not be any political prisoners in Ireland if the British government ended its divide and conquer tactics.



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