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La verdad sobre la democracia

Winter 2008

Dear devoted friends, The 29th edition is ready for you, and it says "Winter 2008," but there will be no Spring edition. You will have to wait until September for another edition, because I have too little funding to be able to pay my Web site developer the money that I already owe him now so cannot continue to publish quarterly.

I will, however, post history on my blog, and I encourage you to bookmark it and check it on the weekend for posts of this nature some of which are fantastic that I have never been able to either get permission to reprint or have not been able to reach the one who wrote them to request permission to reprint.

Comming next weekend, look for three pieces to appear, and then do check on weekends as something that can't wait for September will appear then, but with no announcement to you as this is. We are all grown up. Therefore, I should not have to remind you to check something that could save your life.

That blog is at or you can access it from the main page of my Web site if you prefer, but do access it as it holds a treasure trove of information that you need.

I would like to acknowledge all of the people who have graced me with money or other forms of help over the years. You know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You will never know how it makes me feel to know that you cared enough to send me even $1 as most people have never sent me one penny.

For those of you who live in the United States, I may or may not have sent you an Email which stated that Admiral Fallon has resigned, and that if we do not assist a woman who is determined to impeach Bush and Cheney, that we will be heading into World War 3 with the resulting Martial Law declared by Bush BEFORE the November election.

If you have not received that Email and would like to receive it so that you will be able to forward it to people who also would like to impeach these two men who are determined to instigate WW III by attacking Iran, either send me a reply here to ask for it, or send me something. I only sent to people who I knew have large Address Books, in the US and Canada, because I figured that Canadians may know people who live in the US.


Arlene Johnson

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