The Journal of History

La verdad sobre la democracia

Summer 2005 - Volume 5, Issue 3


"Every ten or fifteen years since the late 1800's, 'experts' have predicted that oil reserves would last only ten more years. These experts have predicted nine out of the last zero oil-reserve exhaustions."
C. Maurice and C. Smithson, Doomsday Mythology: 10,000 Years of Economic Crisis
Hoover Institution Press, Stanford, 1984
- Thesis
- An Introduction to the modern petroleum science, and to the Russian-Ukrainian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins-Summary of the Article By J. F. Kennedy
- The Constraints of the Laws of Thermodynamics upon the Evolution of Hydrocarbons: The Prohibition of Hydrocarbon Genesis at Low Pressures-Summary of the Article By J. F. Kenney, I. K. Karpov, Ac. Ye. F. Shnyukov, V. A. Krayushkin, I. I. Chebanendo, and V. P. Klochko
- Dismissal of the Claims of a Biological Connection for Natural Petroleum-Summary of the Article By J. F. Kenney, Ac. Ye. F. Shnyukov, V. A. Krayushkin, I. K. Karpov, V. G. Kutcherov, and I. N. Plotnikova
- The Thermodynamic Stability of the Hydrogen-Carbon System: The Genesis of Hydrocarbons and the Origin of Petroleum-Summary of the Article By J. F. Kenney, Vladimir A. Kutcherov, Nikolai A. Bendeliani, and Vladimir A. Alekseev
- Considerations About Recent Predictions of Impending Shortages of Petroleum Evaluated From the Perspective of Modern Petroleum Science-Summary of the Article By J. F. Kenney
- The New Pessimism about Petroleum Resources: Debunking the Hubbert Model (and Hubbert Modelers)-Summary of the Article by Michael C. Lynch
- Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a misleading Zionist Scam By Joe Vialls
- The "Peak Oil" Put On By Ken Adachi

- Poetry: Oil By Arlene Johnson

- 9/11 A Patriotic Pilot's View of 9/11 by Ghostwolfemoon
- 9/11 The Pentagon Crash By Paul Andrew Mitchell

- Myth Breakers
- Did You Know? Oil, Bush & Putin, FARC, 9/11, Kosovo Liberation Army
- Did You Know? Council on Foreign Relations 2004 Roster Membership including Corporations
- Did You Know? Racak Incident & NATO

- America's Concerns: The Parking Ticket That Never Quit
- America's Concerns: Why Isn't the Internet Media Reporting on Electronic Weapons?
- America's Concerns: "MSG" is a slow poison
- Thrashing Through Cyberspace: AOL Eavesdrops, Grants Itself Permission To Steal Your AIM Conversations
- Bush wants control of the Internet
- The World's Concerns: Sri Lanka after the Tsunami
- The World's Concerns: Act Now to Save the Life of Vlastimir Pusara at Stake due to Hague Fabrications!
- The World's Concerns: Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

- Good News: France votes down European Union Constitution
- Good News: Treating and Curing Autism and other conditions

- U.S. House & Senate Addresses and Fax numbers
- U.S. House & Senate Email Addresses

- Letters to the Editor

- Book Review: The United Nations Global Straightjacket By Joan Veon; Review by Arlene Johnson
- Book Review: The Myths of Zionism by John Rose; Review by Arlene Johnson
- Book Review: American History, Volume 1 edited by Arlene Johnson; Review by Bookwire

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- Demands for the Government


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