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New DNC Petition Campaign:
Call for an Independent Investigation

The Bush smear machine has gone too far -- and you can help stop them.

Earlier this year, a career diplomat had the guts to expose the lies in President Bush's State of the Union address.

In retaliation, the Bush White House leaked the secret identity of the diplomat's wife, an undercover CIA operative.

Unfortunately for the White House, that leak is a federal crime.

Call for an independent investigation

And now John Ashcroft's Department of Justice says it will conduct a "thorough" investigation. Do you believe Ashcroft's Department of Justice will be thorough and independent?

Neither do we. And a new Washington Post-ABC poll shows that 68 percent of Americans agree. That's why the DNC has launched a new petition campaign calling for a special counsel to conduct the investigation of the Bush White House.

If senior White House officials revealed the identity of an undercover CIA operative for political purposes, they are an ongoing threat to national security. Those who are responsible must be held accountable, and they must be held accountable now.

Click here to sign the petition calling for a special counsel to investigate the White House leak.

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