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A word about "Thesis." In 1995 when I received the disk with the first edition of what I publish, I was highly dismayed that it said, "Editorial." One of my long time supporters and I discussed this issue, and between the two of us, I made the decision to tell everyone that my "Editorials" were not quintessential. Maybe that worked; maybe it didn't, so beginning with this edition, the word "editorial" will only be used if it is a real editorial, sort of like a commentary which is opinion, and thesis will be used because it is sociologically a much more preferable term for what this publication does-proves its point.

On the surface, the New World Order (NWO) looks like a good idea. The leaders say it's all about peace. We know that everyone wants peace, or so they say, but you will observe that the peace that they say they want doesn't include us, the common ordinary people who inhabit the earth.

This edition is devoted to all who have read the previous eleven editions for you truly will understand it. If you're reading this thesis without having read all the other editions, at least you're reading this. Billions of people have never read a single edition of this publication even though many knew its name. They are what I refer to as Leaves in the Wind as they have no control over anything, and have no idea what will befall them until it's too late.

A second section of this edition is all about corporate America, that entity which comprises only 34 per cent of the elite according to the research I performed in 1987, but the corruption exists because of the interlocking elements between heads of corporations such as Enron and the leadership, or lack thereof, in the nation's capital.

If you refer to the first edition Trilateral Commission members, you will recognize Kenneth Lay. This is the reason why he could carry out all his schemes; he's good friends with the Bush family.

Now, we have a new adversary in Arnold Schwarzennegger because he's supported by Bohemian Grove and Lord Rothschild himself. If you have not seen the photograph of the newly elected governor of California with Lord Rothschild, try to find it; or, take my word for it as Mr. Schwarzennegger has a broad smile in it. And, if that isn't enough, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) wants to pass legislation which would remove the requirement that a person running for president of the United States must be born in the United States so the Illuminati can get him elected to the White House since he was born in Austria.

By now, you're throwing up your hands in disgust. You're not alone, as I am too.

Arlene Johnson



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