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Democracy, democracy, democracy! How many times have we heard that word said to describe what we have in the United States of America, when the reality is that we have never had it at all.

Indeed, the framers didn't want democracy. That is why they formed a Republic. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to maintain democracy for any period of time because people grow weary in their vigilance. Compound that with the fact that most presses of all countries are under the control of the elites and others who want to maintain the status quo, and what develops over time is anything but democracy.

This edition of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) is devoted to the decent people of this planet because everyone around the world suffers to one degree or another because the mainstream press in the United States has been so thoroughly controlled that most Americans who vote do not realize that both major parties have been co-opted completely.

Interestingly enough, many people want election reform. It is my fervent hope that they will learn of this edition because they have been clamoring for election reform because of the hanging chads of the 2000 election and the prospect of ATM voting machines, etcetera.

Therefore, be sure to send the Demand page to the Speaker of the House as there is a demand to never implement ATM voting machines of any description. If they are implemented, elections will be more corrupt than ever.

Does one's ability to vote create democracy? Most Americans feel that it does. Does it? Do you know who your senator or Congressman or woman really is? Do they listen to you? Some do, but others don't.

How well informed are you? If you only read the mainstream press, you're not! If you only watch mainstream television you're not. Even if you read The Nation you're not! It was co-opted years ago by the elite.

Do you want to enlighten yourself and stop following the blind or following those who purport to know what they're talking about, when in reality, they are deliberately leading you astray?

Enjoy this edition because it's for you!

Arlene Johnson


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