The Journal of History     Summer 2003     TABLE OF CONTENTS

DEMANDS for the Government

Please make a copy of this DEMAND page, fold it into thirds, address it to J. Dennis Hastert whose address is here, close it with a staple or tape and mail it. Please do not put your name or address on this mail no matter where you live.
1. Pass legislation mandating paper ballots instead of ATMachines since ATMachines can, and will be, manipulated because they do not leave a paper trail;
2. Pass legislation which would allow only those qualified to vote for a candidate to be able to contribute;
3. Pass legislation forbidding Political Action Committees, labor unions, corporations, and non profits from contributing to political campaigns thereby enabling only voters to contribute to them;
4. Pass legislation which would mandate a reasonable dollar figure that is within the range of the average voter, i.e. $100.00 or less instead of $1,000.00 or the $2,000.00 as Senator John McCain wants;
5. Pass legislation mandating federal legislation prohibiting states from using private companies processing voter rolls tied to a political party, and police roadblocks from getting used as a voter suppression tool on election day;
6. Pass Representative Conyer's Civic Participation & Rehabilitation Act and pass legislation which would allow inmates to vote also as it is in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, & Vermont as well as Israel;
7. Pass a Voting Rights Amendment to the Constitution which will never expire;
8. Pass legislation which will allow District of Columbia citizens the right to vote for a House of Representative voting member and senators who have voting rights and provide adequate office space for them;
9. Abolish the Electoral College;
10. Ban Luprin;
11. Abolish EO 13139 signed by Bill Clinton as it allows experimentation by the Department of Defense without consent or knowledge by the troops;
12. Pass legislation that leaves the 9/11 investigation an open deadline until it is completed instead of May 2004;
13. Repeal the RAVE Act;
14. Close Indian Point Nuclear Reactor in New York;
15. Perform a Senate Investigation on how this whole "mystery illness" has been handled in California and the United States;
16. Mandate that Dr. Rosen, State Infectious Disease Officer for California, finish a report so State Licensing for Hospitals can finish their report and make necessary recommendations;
17. Mandate an investigation into why a mother has to wait 6 months for an autopsy report on her deceased child;
18. Mandate California to perform an autopsy on patients who show an infectious disease pattern of concern;
19. Mandate hospitals to have the proper equipment in California to protect their workers;
20. Mandate to find a cure for SARS and other mystery diseases like it;
21. Pass legislation to provide truth to patients and workers employed in health care as well as workers compensation to health care workers who have SARS-LIKE symptoms;
22. Mandate federally funded hospitals to follow US State Department policies on quarantine of workers traveling and CDC policy for diagnosis and tests;
23. Drop the charges on the following people:
José Montañez Sanes, nephew of David Sanes; Jorge Cruz, Viequense from a fishing family; Nilda Medina, retired Vieques teacher and one of the leaders of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques; Willie Miró, Viequense worker; Néstor de Jesús Guishard, Viequense school counsellor; Manuel Pérez, Viequense municipal worker; Osvaldo Skerret Cecilio, Viequense construcción worker; Andy Santiago, Viequense worker; Eric Hernández, Viequense sports trainer and municipal employee; Jesús Delgado, teacher from a Vieques family and José Pérez, worker from Mayaguez;
24. Free Patrick Swiney, #154406 in Alabama where there has been, and continues to be, a vendetta against him;
25. Mandate the state of Arkansas to provide adequate medical care for Mr. John Caldwell, #090188 and any other inmate who presently does not receive adequate medical care;
26. Never allow the Justice Department to transfer Moussaoui to military custody.


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