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Reformed Medicare

If you are not in need of reformed medicare, I am sure you have a loved one who is in need of this so please give your time and go to this web site

A lot of you may be interested in helping us get this done! We need medicare to cover prescription costs, and it takes a small amount of time on our part to get this accomplished! Please take a moment to get involved in this.

Building a Better Medicare ... for All of Us ...

The Alliance to Improve Medicare (AIM) supports efforts to improve and strengthen Medicare for all Americans.
Next week, Congress will consider proposals to strengthen and improve Medicare. Some of these proposals will include:

* An "enhanced Medicare" option to provide preventive benefits (including the power to choose coverage that fits your needs without giving up coverage)
* Prescription drug coverage
* Protection against high out-of-pocket costs as part of Medicare health coverage.

It is essential, however, that any new benefit be provided through broader Medicare reform, not simply layered onto the existing program. Expanding Medicare to include prescription drug coverage should be a stepping stone toward drug coverage as part of an integrated benefit package.

How You Can Help:
* Contact your elected representatives in Congress to urge their support for bipartisan legislation to strengthen and improve Medicare while adding prescription drug coverage. To do this, go to our Web site and click on "Call To Action."
* Visit the AIM website at - to get the latest information on the Medicare debate in Congress. We also provide a historical view of the Medicare program and how it has evolved over its nearly 38 year history.



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