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SARS, or a mystery disease like SARS

On Senator Boxer's message that she got my distress call on SARS and will take it into consideration when doing legislation this is what I want from her as my senator:
**I want a Senate Investigation on how this whole "mystery illness" has been handled in California and the United States.
**I want to know why Dr. Rosen, State Infectious Disease Officer for California, can't finish a report so State Licensing for Hospitals can finish their report and make necessary recommendations.
**I want an investigation into why a mother has to wait 6 months for an autopsy report on her dead child.
**I want to know why California refuses to do any autopsy on patients showing an infectious disease pattern of concern.
**I want to know why hospitals don't have the proper equipment in California and won't protect their workers.
**I want to know why we have the most SARS cases in the whole nation and we are the worst for protecting our citizens.
**I want to know why lies and deceit and false representation of facts go to patients and media to apparently deny workers comp for health care workers exposed to patients who have SARS-LIKE symptoms.
**I want to know what is wrong with our governor.
**And I want to know why federally funded hospitals can get away with not following US State Department policies on quarantine of workers traveling and CDC policy for diagnosis and tests.
**I want to know why our patients are not being told what their disease is.
**I want to know why we keep allowing our prisoners to be put at horrible risk.



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