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Two Iraqi POWs shot trying to escape, 1 killed

WASHINGTON: Two Iraqi prisoners trying to escape from a U.S. camp were shot Thursday, June 12, 2003, and one later died of his wounds, the military said. U.S. Central Command released few details, other than to say one prisoner died at an Iraqi hospital and the other was recaptured.

The dead prisoner was the third of thousands of Iraqis held by the Americans to die in custody. American military officials ruled that a Marine acted in self-defense in killing a prisoner on March 29. The Pentagon has launched a criminal investigation into the death of an inmate in Nasiriyah whose corpse was found Friday.

The United States has more than 2,000 Iraqis in custody.

Provided by Michael Novick, Editor of Turning The Tide


A splinter faction among the Communists, a Maoist group known as RAWA, came in handy for American media when the campaign against the Taliban went into high gear. RAWA had put up a horrific web site consisting of clips pulled together of the first days of Taliban rule in Kabul. Overall RAWA used the big lie technique and fell straight into the hands of publications like the Baltimore Sun and, later, the entire U.S. media, coast-to-coast.

Provided by Professor Kautab Siddique of New Trend Magazine ( the largest Islamic Web site)

Editor's note: Remember that the Taliban were created by the CIA and the Pakistani ISI.


The CIA did a study to determine if "ibogaine,"A mild narcotic in it's own right was effective in neutralizing the powerful addicting properties of heroin. It worked too well; the results have been classified since the early 1960s as SECRET.

Ibogaine is extracted from the root of the Iboga tree native to the jungle of Africa and was known throughout Egypt as a healing plant. Ibogaine was also tested on coke/crack addicts and also appears to circumvent the addicting properties of both. Additionally Ibogaine was extremely effective in liberating the poor tortured souls addicted to the major world killer super narcotic--TOBACCO.

Provided by Fonebone, who posts on the CIA-Drugs listserv, a listserv



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