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Did You Know?

Senator Lindsay Graham supports Homeland Security

In the debate between South Carolina candidates for the United States Senate Seat, every other word out of Candidate Lindsay Graham's mouth seemed to express support for the Homeland Security Act, which will deprive American citizens of their rights and move us closer to a police state, by creating something similar to the Gestapo.

The two things necessary for a police state are a national police force and confiscation of firearms. At this time, there is a push for both.

Provided by Sharon on The Illuminati listserv
In Australia no one is exempt from voting. The Australian government imposes a fine on you, if you do NOT vote. Actually Florida and many southern states are in constitutional violation by not allowing felons to vote. It is a KKK agenda since they racially profile to get more minority people in prison; it in turn prevents them from voting. The Republicans feel that anyone NOT VERY WEALTHY and VERY WHITE is genetically inferior to them.

Provided by Marcie D.
In 1996, Palm Beach County election officials knew that some of their voting machines were faulty. They wrote to the state's division of elections reporting that the machines produced a noticeably high number of undervotes, ballots in which there was no vote for president.

However, they failed to replace the machines, they only replaced the styluses, the devices used to poke holes in the punch-card ballots.

Provided by an article by Steve Harrison in the Miami Herald, 2000



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