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Did You Know?

CIA Assassinations of Notable People

From: Charles Schlund

The following are some of the assassinations or plans for assassinations that I have read in CIA files.

In the files that George H. W. Bush removed from the CIA and the other agencies in 1976 were 1,000's of files on political assassinations that had been or would be done in the future under the direction of the CIA. Some of these assassinations had been carried out years before, and others were to be carried out years in the future. The following is a list of names of people that had been assassinated or where to be assassinated by the CIA, DEA or others that were under the direction and/or control of the CIA.

1. John F. Kennedy
2. Robert Kennedy
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Mary Jo Kopechne
5. Rev. Martin L. King, Jr.
6. Ernest Hemingway
7. Bruce Lee
8. Charles Hardin Holly
9. Ritchie Valens
10. Jape Perry Richardson
11. Steve McQueen
12. Audie Murphy
13. Frank Olson
14. Janis Joplin
15. Jim Morrison
16. Cass Elliot
17. Rod Sterling
18. Charles B. McVay
19. Lee Harvey Oswald
20. James Dean
21. Clark Gable
22. Don Bolles
23. Bill Compton
24. Jimmy Hoffa
25. Wesley Bolin
26. John F. Kennedy Jr.
27. John Lennon
28. Ricky Nelson
29. Francis Gary Powers
30. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (The Shah of Iran, 1953-1979)
31. Russian spy?
32. Sven Olaf Joachim Palme
33. Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I)
34. Giovanni Battista Montini
35. Bob Crane

The John Birch Society (JBS) was set up by Nelson Rockefeller. The reporter knew two people at the original meeting. They needed a right-wing, anti-communist organization. Nelson Rockefeller decided that Robert Welch was the man to run JBS, so he arranged for the sale of Welch's Candy Company (where Robert Welch had been working for his brother John) to Nabisco (which was a Rockefeller controlled company) at a highly inflated price, and Welch was given an income to run the John Birch Society.



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