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Good Leadership

by Crystal Cartier

A leader that is a True Believer
despite the color of their skin
is a Friend to All that serve the Lord
and wishes to live in Peace with all men
A balanced Conscience for the Rich
A Good Samaritan to the Poor
Providing stability & prosperity
by opening previously closed doors
Doors of opportunity leading to prosperity
based upon the level of an individual's productivity & integrity
You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink
You can educate a Man's mind but you can't force him to think
with the goodness of his soul
Only Love can warm a cold heart
God offers us choices
But each must do their part
to insure the survival of our families
Hold your children close
Teach them to be fair & share
Teach them what to cherish most
Teach them to work hard & show respect
But teach them how to think for themselves
Make them look you in the eye
Draw them out of themselves
Teach them how to give
Teach them the value of Love
Teach them that God is inside of them
Not just up above
Teach them how to earn
the respect of their fellow man
by not taking advantage of others
just because you can
By example Teach them grace
Teach them how to forgive
Don't just watch them die
Teach them how to Live
Define Justice & Freedom
Define good stewardship
Learn these things yourself
to provide good leadership

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Ms. Cartier gives me carte blanche permission to reprint any of her poems.



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