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Do you understand how important
the campaign finance reforms are?

by Brian Downing Quig (1949-2003)

1) Only those qualified to vote for a candidate can contribute;

2) Only individuals are represented so only individuals can contribute (no political action committees (pacs), no unions, no corporations, no non profits etc.);

3) A reasonable maximum contribution that is within the range of the average voter, like $100 not $1,000 or the $2,000 that Senator John McCain wants.
If someone could get behind this it would help usher in TRUE DEMOCRACY. As far as I know no one is behind these reforms.

Editor's note: Consider it done, Brian. R.I.P. You are sorely missed!

Brian Downing Quig, a man who posted on the CIA-DRUGS listserv, was killed on June 16, 2003 by a hit and run driver in Phoenix, Arizona. Brian had a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics.



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