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Bush campaign raises at
least $34 million in six weeks

Published July 2, 2003

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Bush's campaign has raised at least $34.2 million since he announced his 2004 reelection effort in May.

The Republican's total of at least $4,100,000 dwarfs fundraising by his nine Democratic rivals which was gathered in Florida, Ohio, and Michigan.

Bush, Cheney and First Lady Laura Bush raised close to $22 million through roughly a dozen fundraisers around the country in the past two weeks.

Also, $4.5 million was raised through a direct-mail piece and $700,000 over the Internet, according to national finance chairman Mercer Reynolds said.

It is expected that he will raise $200 million or more. Since he has no Republican challenger he will be free to spend his money throughout the primaries and next summer to take on the presumptive Democratic nominee.

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