Texas Police Brutality

The truth of Texas' corrupt good old boys' behavior will come out. Things will change and their misuse of power will stop on my family!


Ms. Thomasson signed a receipt for my son's books sent to him in Rockwall County Jail from a book store about two weeks ago, and she still has not given them to him. I have other letters from families of prisoners in this facility who are not receiving their mail.

While at Rockwall County Jail, my blood pressure soared to 180/120 and I asked for blood pressure medication. The jail said they did not have any of my particular medication in stock and if I passed [became unconscious] out, they would call the ambulance. Therefore, my high blood pressure went untreated and caused a permanent heart problem, Dr. Sharp, cardiologist, said.

The FBI told me that Officer Hall was an officer from the neighboring town of Lavon that the FBI had just finished an investigation on, and this officer was fired because of the investigation report. This officer pulled his gun on a 14 year old boy in front of my home for the bizarre reason of: the child hollered hello to the officer because the child thought it was a different officer whom he liked.

The chief would stop and come in my yard and tell them they were taking  them to jail, etc. on teacher's in-service days when the children were out of school. Chanda, my daughter, was arrested off my porch for a PI. She had one drink while eating out before she came to my home, and the police came on my property again and arrested her for this. The police and sheriffs beat her up badly. We have medical records and pictures to prove this.

I was told that someone on the police force called the holder of the mortgage on my home and told Helen (the secretary at Farmers Home Administration) that I had several people living in my home with me. This is a violation of the terms of my contract with the mortgage company because of the type of loan that I have.

The police illegally impounded four of our vehicles. They sold one of them. They called the lein holder on another and had them to come reposes it. Now I've found out that was not legal either. The police stopped my son for supposedly rolling through a stop sign. The car he was driving was impounded, and consequently he walked several miles to get home.

My Chevrolet blazer was impounded because an SR-22 was filed on it.SR-22s are not illegal[SR-22 is proof of insurance] and, therefore, vehicles cannot legally be impounded because of such. This vehicle was auctioned off by the city illegally.Every time I bought a different vehicle, it too was impounded for various illegal reasons. I now have no vehicle at all due to their misuse of power. I heard of them impounding another persons vehicle for a "low tire" because they claimed it was a danger to the public.

The Texas Department of Safety at Garland Texas, told me there was never a legal reason to impound any of my vehicles and it sounded as if the police department was guilty of auto theft, and the Royse City police had been in trouble for this same offense about seven years prior. I have lost my vehicles, my integrity, my health, my son, my granddaughter, and now Farmers Home Loan is probably foreclosing on my home.

These cops have totally drained us financially. We did not have a dime between us, no cars any more because of the police, no health coverage for my sick son, no income, etc. The harassment caused us both to end up indigent, and my ex husband was stealing for my son to have food. The police called my ex husband's judge in a case of a theft under a $100. My ex had a perfect record until this, as he had to have for his job as an inspector for government and city inspections.

A different time as my child and I were walking after 12:00 midnight to exercise my sons' sugar down, he was given a ticket for violating curfew. We even had a note from (his doctor) Dr. Baird explaining that Chip had to be out some after curfew to exercise his sugar down, due to a sugar medical condition.

They placed my son in a house where the foster father had just gotten out of prison for a true charge of selling drugs and the mother had a record of being a needle user and had tried to commit suicide about 10 times.

The police called my food stamp worker and lied that my ex husband was still living in my home. This stopped my food stamps and I had to appeal it after months of not being able to feed my sick son, to get them back.

My ex husband lived in my home for about a year after Child Protective Services told me to get him out of my home. They gave the home to my ex husband so they could let my son come there. The police then called my ex husband's probation officer and tried to talk him into making it harder for my ex husband.

My neighbor, Micheal Johns, told us that the Royse City police asked them to help the police catch my son and his friend, Beau, doing something wrong. The police told him they wanted to catch Chip doing wrong. My child never did anything wrong. Chip had such medical problems that he didn't  have the normal energy or will.

The police told Judge Myer what an awful family we are and asked her to make the misdemeanor into a felony and the judge did. The police would call the neighboring cities when they watched us ride toward a city so the other city cops would stop us and harass us. The police barged in my neighbor's home because they said they saw my son in their house and it was after curfew and they were going to give him a ticket.

The police stopped our guests as they left our drive and either issued them tickets or arrested them for one reason or another, as a blue dot being on their tag, etc. The police stalked my home 24/7. The police just made false allegations on my son on parole for DWI [driving while intoxicated] and theft which was a lie. He was on leg monitor and this was impossible as he was at my home and no alcohol was at my home. The police illegally searched my home so many times and tore it apart and destroyed my property every time. Ten cops or more woke us up as they try and do for intimidation often, to tell us that their friend and windowpeeper had seen my daughter and me in my front yard with only our t- shirt and panties on which was a lie. My three children, myself and my kids' dad have been given more tickets that were lies than there are rivers in the whole world. The police refuse to give us our records.

One of the police's friends is active in Crime Watch and wrote bogus[false] tickets on my family members and would have warrants issued for not paying the tickets even though we had no prior knowledge of these tickets being written. The police get crime watch to watch my home when they are busy, and they know this man is a neighborhood windowpeeper of children and women. The police, The State of Texas Child Protective Services employees, the Royse City High School assistant principal, and some city council members of this small town, are the only members of crime watch. They have meetings to discuss us "neighborhood bad people."

The police and their corrupt judge, Brenda English at Royse City (we accomplished getting this judge removed from the bench) had Chanda and Chip's drivers license suspended for allegedly missing a court date (Failure To Appear). We did not miss the court dates. On Chanda's, we had no knowledge of the bogus ticket. For Chip's court, we appeared and lost the case in Royse City and therefore filed for an appeal on a paupers affadavit and we were refused the paupers because the court clerk (Glenda Harrell) refused us our rights of a paupers.

I proved to DPS what this judge had done and I requested DPS call the Texas Judical Commission and report the judge and they did.

My child was stopped in Garland for not wearing a seat belt and they arrested him for a warrant that Royse City had put on him for this illegal procedure by the police and judge.

We got City of Lavons trash, which is normal procedure we have discovered! When a cop is found doing wrong in a city they work for, they are only moved to a different town. Why aren't they fired and never allowed to be in a position of law again?

The police contacted CPS and told them that my son takes too many medications and requested that they take my son. Child Protective Services, Betsy Brockmann and Judy Cotter, from Rockwall County CPS, burst into my home along with the Royse City police and took my son to Betsy's friend, Dr. Stanzak. Now my attorney told me the papers to take my son was not legal papers. My son heard Betsy say, "This boy is a hypochondriac," and the doctor wrote this about my son, without doing any test to substantiate this allegation. Later I learned this was not proper procedure.

After CPS illegally took my child, they placed him in a mental hospital and he did not have mental disabilities. My story was told on a radio talk show KLIF with (Benjamin Dover), and as a result a family law attorney came forth to help me. My monthly income is $500 a month in the form of a disability check and I can't afford an attorney. All of this has been a nightmare and a I feel like I've been in twilight zone. I would have never believed this was possible in America, had it not happened to me. CPS arranged for District Judge Sue Pirtle (Rockwall County) to hear the case. This judge has taken away more children from their parents than any judge in the history of Rockwall County and she has done so illegally, because we have now learned that this judge got elected due to CPS. Judge Pirtle also gave Attorney Jana Norris to my son for a guardian ad litum. Now we know that this judge gave this horrible attorney majority of the ad litum jobs. The reason Judge Pirtle does this is because this attorney officed with the judge before she was a judge.Now this attorney pays rent to the judge for rental space for her attorney practice!

If my son missed school for being ill, Judge Pirtle ordered him to stay in bed on those days, and if he was seen even sitting on the porch, that he was to be arrested. This violated our constitutional rights. Several attornies, myself, and many other people got together and went to Texas Judicial Commission and proved all this judge's unethical and illegal procedures. The judicial commission refuses to do anything to stop this judge. We asked Governor Bush, what good is the judicial commission if they won't do their job. He only says he can't get involved!! I continued telling my story and because I won't shut up, the judicial commission is now doing a through investigation of Judge Sue Pirtle.

This man is running for our presidency and he can't even straighten out his own state's agencies. He's also a hypocrit! 89% of people in Texas are in there for drugs, and yet he doesn't have to go to prison for the same acts. I'm not judging anyone for their personel choice of drugs or not, but he should not be a hypocrit about it. I asked a congresswoman about Governor Bush using cocaine. She said Bush is forgiven. I told her that all those in prison are forgiven for doing marijuna also. She had no answer.

My children's father, was the Building Official of The City Of Rockwall,Texas, and this judge's husband is a builder. My ex-husband issued him several red tags( which means the builder failed the inspection) and because of this relationship, the judge should have requested removal from the case immediately as I requested , but she refused to do so because I believe she wanted to get back at my ex through her misuse of power.

I did win my son back but it damaged him physically and emotionally for life. He was told that my childrens' doctors at Childrens Medical Center in Dallas, Texas did many, many procedures and surgeries unnecessarily and was also told my child's doctors and mother had lied to him all his life.CPS' doctors and their attorney, Jana Morris,(who needs her attorney license taken from her) performed brainwashing for approximately 10 hours a day, drilling my child that nothing was ever wrong with him physically while they had him admitted to their hospital, Glen Oaks in Greenville,Texas. They had doctors, Eastbrook & Cunningham from Rockwall, who also practised in Glen Oaks Hospital in Greenville, to testify to this. These doctors are so guilty of malpractice but again I do not have money and I could not get an attorney that specializes in medical without thousands down. An acquaintence of my family that is a psychiarist and on staff there, told me that my son's case there was not normal or being done as procedure. The doctors never did an MRI, x-ray, etc. My son is not VISIBLEY malformed. He is COMPLETELY malformed on the inside and therefore this all causes much pain, weakness, etc. Dr.Stanzak from Allen told my son that he was a hypochondriac. Dr. Deborah Baird from Rowlett, Texas, lied either to the CPS or The Texas Rangers. She told the Rangers that my son was disabled; then told CPS that the only reason she prescribed the medications he was on was because he was already taking the medications when he started seeing her as a patient. I had given Dr. Baird all Chip's records from this very reputible hospital in Dallas called, Childrens Medical Hospital and therefore she commented and treated his many different illnesses often.

During that time his disability checks were stopped by Betsy Brockmann from CPS, which now I know was illegal for her to do, and now that I have regained custody I must file all over again and it will be five years,(as this is the rediculous normal time limit for sick people to receive these needed benefits) before they are restarted. I cannot feed my child properly and I cannot ever afford my child's medical cost.

My child's doctors from Childrens Medical Center told us that because of my childs bizarre malformations, will be required to have EKG's, MRI's, surgeries, etc., for a lifetime. These unusual malformations cannot be repaired because a inferior vena cava has never been possible to make as this is an artery and not a vein. No one that Childrens was aware of has ever lived without this artery and scientifically it is impossible to live without it. Genetics doctor at Childrens Medical Center in Dallas,Texas, Dr. Wilson, was studying our blood as to research and discover "why" this happened. My child was also born with kidney stenosis Goldblant kidney, two spleens, absent the frontal, occipital, and temporal parts of the brain, enlarged liver. The liver is also obstructed by the portal vein causing episodes of yellow jaundice.

Malformed bowels and stomach and this causes abnormal biopseys periodically. My child has arthritis and lungs that were always compatible with cystic fibrosis, with multiple cases of phenmonia. Chip was also diagnoised with cerebal palsey and diabetis caused from these deformaties.

Due to these sicknesses, my son was in special education. He was under theOHI (Other Health Impaired) program. Royse City assistant principal and the Royse City police conspired together and called my son's doctor and told him not to give my son any more excuse notes for school when he is sick. My son's doctor refused and called me and told me. The school then filed a "illegal" truancy on my son and me. We won our case in my county of Rockwall. They then did a "double jeopardy" and filed on the "same exact truancy" in my neighboring county of Collin. They won it in Collin County (Wylie Texas) and the JP Terry Douglas ordered my son to have his GED within a few months and ordered my son to withdraw from school, with a $500. fine for each of us. We are indigent and I proved this to the judge and he said he could erase the fine due to this, but later refused to. I then filed an appeal but he illegally refused us this. This all violated our civil rights again because all special education kids have until they are 21 years old to graduate.

They formed so many untrue cases on my 25 year old son and had his probation officer revoke probation and he went to prison for three years. Then immediately after his prison release these police called his parole officer, Dave Robinson, with false allegations on my son to try and cause his parole to be revoked.

This son is Chad. He was not perfect, but he never did anything violent or malicous. My attorney said that he should have never gone to prison and is filing a civil rights lawsuit for him.

On April 6, 2000, my oldest son, Chad Ray Bennett DOB 4-6-74, is back in trouble with parole due to Royse City once again lying on him as they did to get him in prison. He was arrested and beat up very badly by Rockwall County Sherriff depties (this is where this Royse City chief's wife is employed) and he is in Rockwall County jail. They denied him treatment because they feared it getting recorded and therefore I went to Texas Jail Standards and they made the jail treat him, but they still will not get him to a hospital for an MRI, etc., for his back.


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