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Innocent Bay Area Woman Targeted by CIA

I Amy Lee Anderson (AKA) Burgundy Chaffon do not know how long I have been a targeted victim of government mind control electrical activities, technology. I know these government Department entities are all involved at different levels within our government system. They are the shadow government which uses mind control and directed energy raiding and invading American citizen's body, mind, and soul with this directed energy technology. Department of Health Services, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation and Telecommunication. All are spying on USA citizen's brain waves by poisoning our food chain with radioactive magnetic nano dust particles and chemtrails. This creates radioactive human beings. It makes the USA government easy to use a GPS tracking system, monitor and activate a human's body functions at a subconcious stand point function. This technology can cause involuntary movement; all your thoughts are not all yours. They use technology to alter and modifiy your behavior. This technology traces back further than MK-ULTRA.

The first mental case was James Matthew Tulley. He was driven insane from the AIRLOOM GANG. He knew what was going on back then. We are just living in a different time period. It is the world of electronics.

I have studied various kinds of directed energy, microwave hearing from which I am suffering, magnetic frequency of acoustic and sonic government patent devices which are crowd control military weaponries. I study that my brain wave activity is cloned from my DNA cells and copied on a CDrom disk which mimics my behavior. I hate what the CIA/FBI demonic forces of evil doers are about. They enjoy torturing and attacking human beings with directed now they are attacking me with directed energy. My skull feels like it is on fire, and I feel needle pricks to different parts of my body.

No one should feel like they are on fire because directed energy could stimulate their solar anatomy system. I know the CIA ally spy who is torturing me with directed energy weaponry. His name is Jonah Matranga; he works for the CIA being assigned to human subjects solar anatomy system. He breaks their body down with directed energy. He creates authenticated illnesses in them.

Lupe Fiasco featuring Jonah Matranga, "The Instrumental" ... sort myself out," Chaplin said on the band's Web site ... on his first album, Life's a Riot with Spy Vs Spy. This ally spy hides as a muscian who uses directed energy on his victims. He is very wicked, and the way I discovered him was because he used CIA tactics of spyware over my cell phone. Once I discovered his identity, he has been torturing me with a female ally spy. They have invaded my life using this mind control technology. I discovered last night on my mattress with plastic that I could bring electrical sparks to them. I was able to see my fingertips light up as a police stun gun taser. That is how much directed energy I am being exposed to. I also have discovered with him using this technology he and other ally spies are causing a (SID )in my family history with authenicated illnesses of creating cancerous DNA Cells. They have altered my family's life. Several of my family have died by them altering T-cells in their body calling it cancer. They have killed my son, Larry S. Dorton 111's, father in Vacaville, California state prison with giving him (renal) kidney faillure. They experimented on him as a lab rat; after they used mind control technology on him like they did the to man who is in prison stating that he did not kill Robert Kennedy; it was mind control technology. They used that technology upon him with Mhz in altering his behavior in stirring up anger for him to kill someone after they created a set stage event. Now they are trying to set my son up in some mind control experiment in jailing him. I have retrieved mind control forums of his identity being used as him being a human subject of the government. I have retrieved a forum that states how to sex drive to inmate Larry Steven Dorton's brain by satellite. These evil malicious beasts create forums in decode. The blessing out of it... is you know things about yourself that points out your being a targeted individual victim of government illegal human experimentation of mind control technology. I am being shocked and targeted with electricity currency attacking me 24 hours a day.

I know somewhere in my childhood it started. Two years ago I was working for Inter-Con Security Systems first at Department of Transportation, next Department of Health Services. That's when it all began. I was targeted for observing me being under satellite surveillance and a human subject for ally spy Jonah Matranga, and I did not know my former employer was behind it. If they had not been behind it, they would have demonstrated protection for me at the workplace. They demonstrated guilt because they have many government contracts within government departments with above mentioned. I know they would not give them up for a minority former employee; therefore, they keep up this satanic masquerade. I was not hired for doing the job. I was hired as a government human subject. At the time I knew nothing about gang stalking or electronic harassment torture.

I just received a phone call at 3:13 PM from a childhood friend, (Pamela Reynolds) who is a targeted individual victim, stating that she was reading something and it was being mimicked through her television. This is evil, and they use to trip me up with psychotronic weaponries trying to make me lose my mind through electronics. I would not have thought that the government had an evil shadow within that attacks their own citizens with directed energy technology in trying to make them seem crazy. Jonah Matranga used a psychotronic weapon on me trying to trip me up by turning all electronic devices into a nightmare around me. At the time my mind could not register what was going on. I did not know that my mind could be sub-controlled with electronic devices. He had me admitted through Kaiser Permanente Hospital to Fremont behavior hospital. He even tested my IQ to see if I would catch on to what was going on and how he was tracking me by satellite surveillance brain mapping. This demonic force of evil has the ability to keep up with men because he knows my DNA blue print to my brain wave activities. I ask the Creator not to allow me to hate that beasty creature. He really upsets me because he acts as though he has rights to harass, torture, and spy on me. I hate what the USA does to their citizens' solar anatomy system. I trust in GOD-ALLAH- etc the Master of all judge ceremonies. All will get what they seek, they shall find; maybe not today, however, very soon be not deceived GOD is not to be mocked or played with. He will DESTROY THE WICKED THE DEMONIC FEMALE WHO WORKS WITH JONAH MATRANGA-CIA ALLY SPIES. SOLOMON AND GOMORRA. NO MAN OR WOMAN SHOULD WATCH OTHER WOMEN IN NUDE FORM SHOCK THEIR PRIVATE PARTS WITH ELECTRICITY, OR SHOULD THEY SPY ON THEM WHILE MATING AND OPERATING THEIR THOUGHTS TO BE SATANICALLY NOISY TO KNOW HOW THEY FEEL. INDIVIDUAL'S SEXUALLITY SHOULD ALWAYS REMAIN SACRED BETWEEN THE TWO AND NOT GROUPS AS A SATANIC RITUAL. IT IS SICK AND PSYCHOTIC AND NOT A JOKE. NO ONE SHOULD USE TECHNOLOGY UPON ANOTHER MIND AND CREATE THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM WITHIN THAT PERSON MAKING THEM A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. THEY TRIED TO TURN ME INTO A LESBIAN. I REFUSED. THE FEMALE ALLY SPY IS ONE. I STUDIED THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM FROM THE ACTIONS THEY MAKE INTO OTHER ILLEGAL HUMAN SUBJECTS. I CAN TELL YOU MORE TOMORROW. BYE ARLENE FOR NOW. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO STOP THESE DEMONIC FORCES OF EVIL. THEY USE MIND CONTROL ON SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE IN LOCAL AND AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL. THEY ARE TRYING SO HARD TO BLOCK ME FROM EXPOSING THEM. THAT IS WHY YOU HAD 6 VIRUSES ON YOUR COMPUTER AND A FEMALE PICTURE WAS NOT JONAH MATRANGA. HE IS A JEWISH MAN BORN IN MASSACHUSETTS ON AUGUST 11, 1969 WHO WORKS FOR CIA AND HANGS OUT AT PLUSH CLUB IN AUSTIN TEXAS, 617 RED RIVER STREET.



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