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Targeted Individual Becomes Author


By Phiem Nguyen
May 18, 2011

Dear Arlene Johnson:

In this email I am sending to you the excerpt from my book Criminal Psychotropic Weapons, it was Stalkers, Targeted Individuals, Directed Energy, and Nonlethal Weapons, I hope you deliver this crime to governments and public.

I was under this abuse, but I did not know what it was. Then recently I asked about this crime; nobody knew it. I thought public should be educated to defend for themselves as victims now fight for liberty and human dignity.

First I did not know who they are; the only thing I knew they are is a network, powerful, and rich, and they were following me wherever I went. Now, I thought they are China intelligent and research on my body and the two others from 2005 United States of America and Sinbad Israel.
I am so sorry about my English but I have to advocate for my human dignity.
I appreciate your work to help this sadistic crime be stopped.

Best regards,

Phiem Nguyen



Excerpt text from my diary:

I came back to the USA in 2004.

They were from USA following me to Viet Nam; then they were following me back to the USA.

I lost my diary 2003 to 2005 from Hurricane Katrina. I could not remember the date. I just noted down the things they did to me.

In Viet Nam I ate fish sauce I could feel the popup inside my body.
Once a day I review my lesson, I could feel the force shot to my head and behind my head at the neck. I kept working. Sometime later the process repeated.


I had lived in New Orleans.

When I stood at the kitchen sink, I could feel the pull out at my cheekbone, at my mouth, at my lower cheeks. I could feel the shot to my head. It paralyzed me in seconds. When I sat at my table in my room to work on my computer, I could feel the shot on my head. When I heard the noise on my roof and outside my room, I came outside of my house to look to see what was going on. I saw nothing on my roof and outside my house.
Once a day I saw the tiny swollen bag at my eyebrow.
I saw my eyelids were changing to sagging eyelids.
I saw my cheekbones grow higher.
I saw that my two cheeks (under the cheekbone) were changed into saggy cheeks.
I saw the cheekbones grow higher again.
I saw my two cheeks more saggy.
At that time my two cheeks were to tighten muscles. My two thighs were tightening muscles, athletic muscles. My entire body, my face, my hands were young too.


I had lived in El Paso.

This was the first time I had experienced a normal dream since 1993 or 1994 when I lived in Austin. I noticed my dreams have been deprived, controlled, and I dreamt someone's dream or an artificial dream.
I smelt smoke, and I had to cover my nose with a tissue. I saw the smoking pot brought out from my next door apartment.
The force just began shots to my body; then I moved.

The brain function can cure, and it also can control the entire body.
The implant of cells or tissue into the body could be a lively growing process into the body. It could transform the shape, the young and aging even the health physical function. The injection fluid or chemical formula has the same effect.


This smell did affect the body like a drug. It could be an organic smell or chemical smell and so on.

I had lived in Irving

Once a day I smelt cooking food; then I saw my skin turn brown gray. It looked tired. Then, it had another smell and was turning my disastrous skin back to my normal skin.

Directed energy weapon

I was shot. I thought so because I felt nothing touching my body or smelling of any kind at that time. I immediately lost all of my energy. I was so hungry. I was so tired and I could not do anything.

Enter into my apartment

They must have entered into my apartment when I was sleeping, because I usually saw the shot on my face, at my leg, and on my teeth. My face was turned aging, wrinkled. My leg became swollen. My teeth were sore, my jaw was uncomfortable.

December 18, 2010 1:01 AM 

They attacked Phiem’s ear canal when she was in her bed in heavy flu. She wondered if this flu symptom was similar to the Russian flu symptom of which she just saw the title on the internet news.

December 19, 2010 10:41 PM

They attacked Phiem’s mouth when she was in her dining room. The patch of dark color at her mouth was shown in this picture. Now, she knew they instantly created age spots as it was over night that she saw them on her face when she woke up. She could say they are spies and they were using spy technique to camouflage, and now they used it to degrade natural human beauty to punish targets. In this picture readers could see clearly they made her cheeks sag as she described it before, but she did not take pictures of them to show.

This evening they shot her sole before they attacked her mouth, but she could not take a picture of it clearly to show the tiny chip she could feel which she could not take out.

This evening Phiem saw that a plane was passing by her window following the attack, but she did not know for sure if it was from the air base or if it was from the ground base.

January 29, 2011

Everyday when I go to bed I shield my body with metal sheet, sponges, blanket, and jacket as I show these pictures.
I enter this diary at 5:35 AM, I went to bed at midnight; then they attacked my head, my ear, my stomach and two side organs, my lower abdomen, my female parts, and my spinal cord. I felt hurt; then I massaged my back because I felt pain in my back.

January 31, 2011

Last night I went to bed early because I was too tired for cooking; then I woke up at 12:45 AM. I went to the bathroom then back in my bed I was attacked so I got out of my bed to go outside of my bedroom. They shot my head. I could not work with my brain. They used Micromagnetics to attack my thighs to burn my cells at my thighs, my hang, my ovaries. They damaged my buttocks and my hang; people could not see because it was private and it was in my back. I could not take pictures of it.

I could not upload the pictures I took because of a memory card problem. I just ordered a new one. I will show it in this diary.

A few days ago, my computer was affected with virus files. How can this crime be stopped? I asked it on Facebook. This is not only causing the victims to suffer, but it could be the authorities too because you could not escape that, your privacy, your body, your life and your passwords and also your plans could be read, you created a fire wall, but when it is an affected virus like the case on computer, you will be defeated.

February 1, 2011

This morning when I was brushing my teeth they attacked my lower abdomen like they cut  inside my abdomen through to my female organs. I did not know what they did to me. They shot my leg, my toe. This evening when I was eating at my dining room table they shot my back head, my top left side head then two sides of my lungs so hard, so hurt. I took two metal things to cover it.

April 10, 2011 4:42 AM

Phiem was scared to go to bed; she did not know what they would do to her body, so she tried to stay awake all night, they attacked her head through her ear canal this time.
Phiem went to bed at 6:00 AM. Then they busted something that smelled forcing her smell it, but she did not know what it was. They used to do it; she had to cover her nose with Kleenex or a handkerchief or hold her breath. She was so tired then that she fell asleep easily. Then they woke her up about one hour later by attacking her lower abdomen so painfully and they cut or pin or tear at her female parts to make her wake up having to go to the bathroom. Phiem said that she can not live like that, these evils should die quickly.

They attacked Phiem’s heart when she was in her kitchen; it was painful. They tried to kill her.  She knew that they kill people immediately; they claim it is a heart attack. She wants this open to the public to ban this ill science; it was developed for spy agents and now is being used on civilians.

May 9, 2011

Today when Phiem took a shower, and when she washed her intimate parts, she found out it was hurt and a lot of hairs dropped out at the place they made sensation all days and nights. They use Nanomicrochips implanted into that place; they were working themselves inside. Then her side female shape was misshaped, damage when they remote it to itch then trigger the sensation not at that place alone, but she always refused it by placing things on it to prevent it from itching.

Four years ago they began to implant Phiem’s two side female parts. Then a year or more later, they began to implant Nanomicrochips on top at the center of the two side female parts. Then the process was the same; they did to her two side female parts then they remote itch it in place; then they cause the itchy sensation. They cut to change shape or change gender, they heat to make her female cells die due to aging. They are sick evils. Phiem wants them to be destroyed. She was so angry at their savage actions.

Now, I knew they made my stomach look like Jesus. A long time ago when I saw my stomach like that I thought it might be because I was hungry; so I told myself I must eat more food. Then later I saw it develop more. I wondered then and thought it might be because I bore my children but I said I did not see my stomach like that because I did not know their secret plans to harm, to destroy people's body like that until now I understood what it was.

They shot and cut inside Phiem's head yesterday and the day before; it made her dizzy, unbalanced.
Today at noon they attacked Phiem’s rectum. Then when she had lunch they attacked her stomach; she felt pain. Then she had to go to bathroom right away.
Today when Phiem took a  shower they attacked her right wrist, she felt hurt then she covered her right wrist. A few days ago Phiem fell on the ground; she got hurt on her right hand; she could not do anything.

They attack Phiem’s legs and her whole body every day and every night, each time she is in bed they attack her legs all the time; they want her to be handicapped.

May 10, 2011

Last night Phiem was afraid to go to bed because she knew that they would do something on her body, but she was so tired so she went to bed in that condition. They are sick evils and they created sex dream, I want them to be destroyed.
During the day they attacked Phiem’s head then hands, legs, to create pain in her hand and leg. When they attacked her stomach side and center of her stomach that made Phiem have diarrhea.

May 11, 2011

Phiem was shocked when she saw her body; they deformed her stomach to create an ugly body. Everyday she was so angry that she curses them to be killed and to be destroyed. They are the sick evils and savage evils. I pray that they will be destroyed. Phiem took pictures of herself, but she cannot show her privacy here. 

May 13, 2011

Phiem went to bed last night. She thought they would do something, but she had to do it because she has work to do today. She could not stay awake for the whole night as usually she did when she was afraid of going to bed. That was exactly the same they did it, they let her sniff the air busted in chemical or drug to create sex dream. Last night was a rape nightmare.

Phiem said her subconscious does not have a fire wall, it does not have the door lock, the rod lock, security system and the motion detector that she secures for herself at her home. They invaded her subconscious. Then they did everything they wanted to do. This processing who will be condemned on, the victims or the Controllers, she wishes for the sick and rude savage evils to be destroyed.

This afternoon, Phiem took a shower; she felt and saw a difference to her parts. They changed the female intimate part to smaller. She does not know why. They are rude, crude, savage, and sick evils.




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