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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,
I have been reading your massive work and I am very impressed.  You cover Eustice Mullins, one of my favorite authors, who has already connected the dots and the money trail.  Some of the articles are very lengthy, but the information is there to teach the real facts of history, not what the Rockefeller textbook publishing company has for our children at school.  Jordan Maxwell also has plenty of valuable information and he and Mullins have uncovered more than a few conspiracies.  Bob should do a little more reading; martial law is what is desired by our controllers.


PS: This will be screened from your email site, but if it gets through, I want you to know how much I enjoy reading the articles from your website.  All I can say is thank you for the hard work and patience to tell the truth.

***************************************************************************************To the Editor:

There is plenty of good information on your site, Arlene. It will take some time to sift through. I've been researching many of these topics since the 70s and enlightened many Americans who, just as you say, knew nothing of these matters. Fortunately several have been activists ever since. One of the things that impressed me about the States was how controlled information was. In places like Pakistan, anyone who had a radio back then had shortwave reception which could pick up stations all over the world. But shortwave radios were hard to find in the States. It was something only rich hobbyists possessed. So everyone was stuck having to listen to nearby FM or AM stations. And every kiosk in Greece had newspapers ranging from extreme left to extreme right on sale, while every major U.S. city had only one or two papers available, along with the NYT at central outlets.

Some things were hard to believe at  first -- especially since I had been educated in the American system. For example, while a student in Athens I worked in a bookstore in Athens. An American showed up and asked if we had copies of 'The seven sisters.' I showed him a stack and he got excited and bought two. Told me he would have to smuggle them through US customs as this book was banned. I couldn't believe books were banned in the 'land of freedom.' But all through the 80s I lived, studied and travelled throughout the continental U.S. and, as a hobby, everywhere I went I checked bookstores and libraries for this book (and some others, including Norman Spinrad's 'Agent of Chaos.') It was true, they didn't exist! The Internet has been a godsend, making such information accessible to those who are interested.

There is one bit of research I need help with, which might be of interest to you as well. In the fall of 1988 the New York Times ran an article analyzing the growing violence and instability in what was still Yugoslavia at the time. And which laid the groundwork in popular opinion for future intervention. There was a passage in the article about how the OSS had an internal report on the ethnic tensions in the region which could prove useful if exploited in the future. Saw it as a potential "window of opportunity." (direct quote). After much searching I found that article online at the NYT's website, but that passage has been deleted and replaced by a short paragraph which says something like 'It is the standard policy of the United States not to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations' -- laughable as that is. I will try to dig it up again but do you know if it is possible to still find old microfiche records of the paper? I would so love to find hard copy of the original article.


P.S. -- I just saw you have a section in your site on the cell phone registration law -- funny synchronicity, a similar law was passed last year in Greece and yesterday my cell phone company sent me a message that I am overdue to comply and register. :)

A Supporter in Greece
Editor's note: The following 4 letters to the editor only exist because people don't read my editions:

Are you raving mad?

Hi Arlene,

I`m very troubled by your remarks about the Holoaust [sic] that it didn't happen. I then think my grandmother then is making up stories and she self inflicted her wounds on herself just to make herself a victim.  If you will keep on passing these anti semite remarks, I would appriciate you removing me from your mailing list.

I personally met this man in Dublin, Ireland at the hostel where we were both staying. I'm not sure in what country he lives.
How *DARE* you trying to publish BS like that the Holocaust didn’t happen.

Some of my family members helped The People from Israel, (Jews) <Joden>, to keep them hidden from the German soldiers.

I have a book, which was published in 1948. Written by A.J.Noel De Gaulle.

Title is ‘Carnaval der Desperado’s’.

It is written in the Dutch language.

As most Dutch citizens I am fluent in several foreign languages.

YOU are a fraud. I have seen you post in prison groups in the USA years ago.

YOU spew nothing but Evil.

Take me *OFF* of your e-mail list immediately.

Editor's note: The name on her Email said Susanna
Hello Arlene,
I'm a good old pal of name withheld purposefully, and have been receiving your emails due to him. I've often been amazed and amused, occasionally however, I'm in agreement, with your views. Now that your latest email is stating that you side with Holocost [sic] revisionists, and perhaps personally don't believe in the Holocost [sic] (not 6 million, maybe just 4 million? Would you believe 2 million?)
I am shocked and awed at your views.
I won't characterize them, other than to state that the website I've linked to is exactly like the actual photographs my own Father, Tenho E. Hermanson, took as he helped liberate Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

My Mother has these original and actual photographs now, and I will, upon her death, give them to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.
You do believe that there is a Holocaust Museum in Washington DC don't you? Just wondering.

Continue to pursue your windmills of the mind, and peace, love and truth to you, too, Arlene.
Sometimes your truth is fuckin' wrong, however.

As for fluoride, yes, the Nazis were experimenting with it, and I do think there is just reason to be suspicious on that. So I can't discount you as a misguided nutjob. Just a [sic]inveterate alternative thinking American. You have your right to be misguided.

How proud I am to have you as a friend.
The Erudition of the clarification of the firm
predicate and foundation of the issues involved are
very clear and perceptive.

Thank you

This is beyond the circulation on Email and I will archive and study this extensively.

Thank you very much

AG (Medical Doctor)
Hi Arlene,

When I read about you at, I saw attitudes
and motivations very much like mine:

~ Bankers poisoned Pres. Jackson
~ Bankers assassinated Pres. Lincoln
~ Bankers assasinated Pres. Garfield?, Pres. McKinley, Pres. Kennedy, etc.
~ Bankers slaughter hundreds of millions through war, environmental
and dietary contaminations, the concoction of epidemic diseases, etc.
~ Bankers rob and impoverish whole nations . . . the world.
~ Bankers take over countries and enslave their peoples.
~ I admire the work of Philip Agee, Ralph McGehee, Victor Marchetti,
Laton McCarthy, John Stockwell, and other teachers of truth with whom I
became acquainted through WBAI- Pacifica Radio.

New Jersey

Editor's note: Bankers did assassinate President Garfield. No question about it.




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