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First Update on the current status of Star Nations -
Earth relations, and about the 1964 Agreement

By Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
March 28, 2006

1. The Star Nations have now decided that the 1964 Agreement is now obsolete and is now invalid. It is invalid because of the considerations which I and other Humans have pointed out concerning Human international law, and because the governments it was concluded with "are no longer seen by Star Nations as the same in the world of the [current] time."

2. Star Nations has not formally informed the Four Governments about the Agreement's invalidity because "It would not be possible for the Star Nations to inform entities which in practicality no longer exist." {Mao's China, Khrushchev's USSR, Lyndon Johnson-era U.S., and the pre-European-Union Council of Europe.]

3. It is the position of Star Nations that they have "no other option but to enter into some form of a new understanding." This is because the Star Nations remain committed to their Primary Mission objective for Earth: to help Earth through this Time of Transition, and to help Humans reform and reformulate Human society and culture into what was foreshown in indigenous prophecy as "Fifth World."

4. Nevertheless, Star Nations is "breaching the gap" between the now-invalid 1964 Agreement and the eventual conclusion of a new Agreement with all of Earth's Humans, by continuing to inform the major organizations which countries have established to deal with Star Nations matters about important information, such as Star Nations planned flight routes and schedules, (in order to prevent collisions between starcraft and Human aircraft and aerospace craft.) Star Nations also continues to accomplish other essential responsibilities, such as defense and protection of Earth, and continuing communication and information-sharing that serves the primary mission objectives to protect and oversee the development of all species on Earth. However, since the 09/29/05 Formal hearing, Star Nations now excludes from any contact, communication, and information-sharing any persons who have affiliation and allegiance with the Cabal.

5. Star Nations is interested in achieving an Understanding with a whole United Human Species, rather than a set of governments as such. As Councillor For the Watchers noted, "The new agreement must be done in a format representing the collective agreement of all Earth Beings." And he reminded that no Cabal-types will have any participation or role in upcoming meetings and negotiations to formulate a new Memorandum of Understanding between a United Human Species and Star Nations. The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of Source do not permit the Star Nations to associate with those who have turned away from orientation to Source.

6. Certain things must be achieved by Humans before such an Understanding can be reached. Star Nations will be formulating the specifics of such expectations, and will be presenting them later.
And Star Nations has stated that they will be seeking advice to be given by Humans on the make-up of the team (on the Human side) which will negotiate a new Agreement.

7. I have been directed by Star Nations to obtain consultation, among others, specifically with Native American Elders whom I have contact with concerning the content and manner of a new agreement between Star Nations and Humans. I will be consulting with Chief Golden Eagle, Star Altar-Keeper of the Ihanktowan Dakota (Sioux), in late April as part of these consultations.

8. One of the challenges of entering into a new Understanding between Star Nations and Humans is that, in Star Nations' view, "Humans stand as a divided species." I agreed with the Councillor about this, but also pointed out that there are fundamentals that virtually all Humans can agree on, and that the fundamentals of Human nature assure that most Humans can come to agreement about what constitutes their "enlightened self-interest."

9. And, as Councillor For the Watchers noted, "It is far more desirous that mutual respect and understanding will mark the manner of interaction in the new world created by the Humans themselves," than what is written on a piece of paper constituting the new agreement.

10. Given the interim procedures which Star Nations has put in place to provide confidence and essential continuity since the 1964 Agreement has been deemed invalid, there is time for Humans to develop a process for formulating an Understanding which is truly universal, transparent, and participatory. Yet, as the Councillor noted, "Star Nations stands in agreement with the Councillor of Earth: Earth time is of the essence, for these items. "

I will provide further updates regarding developments related to formulating a new Understanding between Star Nations and Humans as they become available.

Second Update on Star Nations-Earth Interaction

Most recently, I communicated to the Star Nations High Council my set of recommendations for a process to reach a New Understanding, to replace the 1964 Agreement, and what the content of that New Understanding might contain.

Councillor For the Watchers, an interlocutor for High Council, has responded with a report on current developments. Where quotes are present, the words belong to Councillor For the Watchers.

I had previously said to that Councillor that I have been informed that Star Nations is currently communicating with Humans in various parts of Earth in order to receive ideas and feedback.

Councillor For the Watchers responded:
"This is correct in basic context and momentum; however, the focus of these communications are broader in range, and are not limited to seeking out Representation Teams."
"As advised, Star Nations are currently working on content detail and work to solicit in direct and indirect ways the desires."
"Star Nations communications are underway at this time with Humans in all areas of Earth who are not of Ego Determination."
"At this time, Earth Being Humans stand in collective violation of the Laws as called 11:11 Universal Laws."
"On a side note, I will advise that Star Nations stand aware of the 'contamination effect' of Ego Beings to the entire system of Earth and all Beings on Her."
"Star Nations has agreed to a most unique decision to allow a Single Species to stand as divided in determination [those in Awareness of orientation towards Source (God) versus the Ego-oriented] for the purpose of Primary Mission Objectives. This division is understood to be one Humans will be able to correct with certain measures of assistance from Star Nations."
"At this point, Humans not of Ego Determination are without the ability to safely enter into a formal setting of communication or parlay understanding. Governmental systems are shown as primarily non-reflective of true desires. Societal systems are structured for the promotion of the Ego Beings of the Society. And many religious institutions are reported as limited in insight and will offer either limited support, neutral stance, or ostracism."
"Considering these items, we have begun already to enter into direct communication with 'countless' Humans for the needed input. The New Understanding will be wrought from these communications and therefore will reflect a truly unified desire."
"Star Nations works without primal regard to ethnic grouping. Ethnic groupings are understood as a formulary ingredient of the Human Populace. It is understood by the Council to consider this item as it impacts the conversations underway."
"All Spiritual Paths not of Ego Primary Determination [will] have equal representation."
I had communicated to that Councillor and to Star Nations Council my recommendation that Human representation teams be composed in ways which assure that the major geographical, ethnic, religious/spiritual and socioeconomic groupings have representation.

To this that Councillor observed,
"Teams for future contact with Star Nations will indeed need to be established as you have delicately outlined. Zeta have shown already reports by those with future sight [on] items such as this. These teams were shown to be primarily for specific missions and objectives which will be determined by Star Nations and the Unified Humans. As an example: Teams will be assembled to specialize in medicinal technology. A team such as this will work to co-ordinate understanding of technology as shared by members of the Star Nations, and to ensure the technology advancements are distributed in fairness."
"As an[other] example, Star Nations has already agreed to a proposal within the New Understanding which brings with it Accelerated Healing Energy for 'Earth Mother' as called by the Humans who have requested with great urgency this item. In brief, as Humans work to make needed changes to the Environment, Star Nations will assist Earth Being with an energy 'stimulation' ( Forgive me. This word does not convey the true nature of Zeta work as the item is outside current level of explanation). The energy work of Zeta will be done to match the work done by Humans. It will allow a fair agreement and maintain all laws of energy balance within working systems and levels. Earth Being will directly benefit by a Healing Rate increase of 'substantial' portion."
"The time-frame of all events is determined by circumstances outside the control of Star Nations. Star Nations work with full understanding of the sensitivity of Earth Time in all matters."

[RB:] Thus, the Star Nations are busy at work consulting with Humans and developing jointly the elements of a New Understanding between Earth Humans and Star Nations.

Because of the impending threat of Cabal interference, attack and repression, Star Nations does not see it as safe and feasible for an Earth Representation Team made up of Humans of goodwill to meet with a Star Nations delegation to develop the New Understanding. Thus, the Star Nations are going directly to large numbers of Humans globally to solicit input and consensus on what should be a part of the New Understanding.
As more details and developments occur, I will bring them to you.
- Councillor of Earth
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.



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