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Le Cercle
Incomplete membership list continually updated

Adenauer, Konrad     

Aitken, Jonathan  

Albertini, Georges      

Al-Faisal, Prince Turki     

Amery, Lord Julian    

Andreotti, Giulio   

Auchi, Nadhmi     

Bach, Dr. Franz Josef     

Bennett, Sir Erik   

Botta, Colonel      

Brzezinski, Zbigniew

Brunello, Monsignor  

Burnside, David Wilson Boyd     

Casey, William     

Cavendish, Anthony  

Cavendish, Andrew   

Cecil, Robert Gascoyne (7th Marquess of Salisbury)

Channon, Paul     

Clark, Alan     

Colby, William E.

Cradock, Sir Percy    

Crozier, Brian Rossiter    

Duncan, Alan

Elliot, Nicholas     

Feulner, Edwin J., Jr.

Fraser, Charles Alan

Gallois, General Pierre Marie     

Gehlen, General Reinhard    

Gerber, Conrad   

Giovanetti, Monsignor Alberto    

Grossouvre, Francois de      

Habsburg, Otto von   

Hague, William J.

Howard, Michael

Howell, Lord David    

Huyn, Count Hans     

Iliescu, Ion      

Jameson, Donald "Jamie" F.B.   

Karageorgevitch, Crown Prince Alexander II

Kelly, Crosby M.  

Kissinger, Henry Alfred   

Lamont, Lord Norman     

Lowenthal, Gerhard  

Luchsinger, Fred

McLean, Neil "Billy" L.D.

Mertes, Dr Alois   

Monnet, Jean

Moss, Robert

Munoz, Federico Silva    

Narjes, Karl-Heinz     

Nixon, Richard     

Pandolfi, Filippo Maria     

Pesenti, Carlo II   

Pinay, Antoine      

Poher, Alain   

Qaboos, Sultan    

Rockefeller, David     

Schuman, Robert      

Schwarzkopf, H. Norman      

Spinola, Gen. Antonio de      

Stilwell, Gen. Richard Giles  

Strauss, Franz Josef

Talal, Hussein bin (Better known as King Hussein of Jordan)

Tantum, Geoffrey      

Tennant, Sir Peter Frank Dalrymple

Twetten, Thomas A.  

Violet, Jean    

Violet, Paul     

Volcker, Paul A.   

Wilson, William A.      

Head of Dutch intelligence    

Pompidou, Georges  

Rowland, Tiny      

Soros, George     

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