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The Federal Reserve?
Novus Ordo Seclorum


Who are these people who control our currency ........................
........and "own" our country?

The Federal Reserve. You hear about it on television, you read about it in the newspapers, you see the words written on every American dollar bill. Just WHAT IS the Federal Reserve anyway?

Most people think:
1) It’s just another branch of the United States Government,
2) It has something to do with the United States Treasury Department,
and or
3) it has something to do with the printing of money.

Well, if you thought it had something to do with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and that it has something to do with the printing of American money, you're right. But if you thought it was just another branch of the United States Government, you're DEAD WRONG! Let me explain...

The "Federal Reserve" is NOT a branch of the United States Government! In fact it has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. Government with one exception (which will be explained later) If you don't believe this, look under the Government listings in the "Blue Pages" of your telephone directory. You will NOT find The Federal Reserve listed.

The Federal Reserve, also known simply as "The Fed," is a multi-trillion dollar PRIVATE CORPORATION! Few people know this. Even fewer know who the individuals are that actually own The Federal Reserve. The "individuals'' are actually very wealthy FAMILIES, some of whose names you've probably heard before.

There are eight (8) families that own The Federal Reserve. They are:

1) The "Rothschilds" of Europe
2) The "Lazards" Of Paris
3) The ''Isael Moses Seifs" of ltaly
4) The ''Warburgs'' of Germany
5) The ''Lehmans'' of New York
6) The ''Kuhn-Loebs'' of New York
7) The "Goldman-Sachs" of New York
8) The ''Rockefellers'' of New York

These eight families control your life...whether you are aware of it or not.   Whether you choose to believe it or not, these families pretty much control the lives of the ENTIRE world because they control most of the MONEY within the world. To explain in detail gets quite complicated, so I will limit our discussion in this article to a "beefed-down," simplified, and (hopefully!) understandable explanation. We will limit our discussion as to how we in the U.S. are affected. This information is new to the vast majority of our patriots, and we do not have room to tell everything there is to know about The Federal Reserve in this handout. However, there are several books on this subject to which you can refer if you are interested in learning more.


Rich international bankers have long known that whoever controlled the money also controlled the making of its laws. This fact dates back to our country's earliest beginnings in the late 1700s. In Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, as reported in Money Creator's, by Gertrude Coogan, he wrote, "The inability of the colonists to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of King George III and the international bankers was the PRIME reason for the Revolutionary War."

Countless attempts were made throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s to control the United States monetary system. Presidents Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley all fiercely battled the rich international bankers. Despite the opposition, the bankers succeeded in controlling the United States' monetary system on several "limited term" attempts throughout this period of time. In 1913, the bankers finally were successful in achieving their aspirations. Thanks to the many dishonest politicians in office at the time, they were able to get the "Federal Reserve Act'' passed through Congress. The bankers could now run the country on an "unlimited term" basis by controlling the creation of money in the United States. This is in direct violation of our Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress shall have the power to coin and regulate money. With the establishment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, power was illegally transferred to a rich group of bankers to coin and regulate money in the United States.


Between 1914 and 1929, Congress spent four paper "dollars" for each one dollar's worth of gold and silver in the U.S. Treasury. The "Great Depression" of 1929 saw the Treasury with a "Public Debt" of about $17 Billion in gold and silver owed to the Federal Reserve. By June of 1933...the end of the original twenty-year charter of the Federal Reserve...the Treasury was empty. All the gold and silver had been "pledged' as payment for the U.S. debt to the Federal Reserve. At this point, the Federal Reserve foreclosed on the U.S Government's outstanding obligations, bringing about HJR (House Joint Resolution) 192. HJR 192 suspended the Gold Standard and abrogated the Gold Clause. The U.S. Treasury was Bankrupt on June 5, 1933 WITH the knowledge, consent, and assistance of the criminal officials in Washington, D.C. All of the gold and silver that most citizens think is in Fort Knox has been removed to banks in Switzerland and the vaults of the Federal Reserve in New York. No longer are they the possession of The United States Government.

Within the next four years after the 1933 Bankruptcy, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had, by contract, unlawfully and criminally PLEDGED ALL LAND IN AMERICA to the Federal Reserve in exchange for their "continued debt-credit support." "ALL LAND" means your home, business, car, etc. everything you have that has ever had a mortgage or loan against it or was paid for with Federal Reserve Notes (money).


The paper we "exchange" for goods and services is what we call "money." American money is now issued by the Federal Reserve, NOT the Federal Government of the United States! Proof of this is easily seen by taking a look at the face of a so-called "dollar bill." At the very top you will see the words "Federal Reserve Note" which means that piece of paper belongs to The Federal Reserve (the "Big Eight" Families' private corporation). Hence, a "dollar bill" is also known as a "Federal Reserve Note," or "FRN" for short. Sure, there are other items printed on the paper to make it look "official" and to deter counterfeiting, but they mean NOTHING.

As mentioned earlier, money in this country used to be backed by gold and silver bullion, but the Federal Reserve has since taken away that backing. Our system of currency in the United States is now backed by NOTHING! It is a rare thing to find a silver certificate in circulation in this country now days, and if you should happen to come across one, it is more of a valuable "collectors item'' than anything else. If you DO happen to have silver certificates in your possession, you already know they are worth a lot more in value than the amount printed on them.

The Federal Reserve "loans" money to the United States Government at exhorbitant interest rates, which accounts for the tremendous deficit we now have, The U.S. has to pay back MORE than it borrows from the Federal Reserve (the rich banking families). How does this system of borrowing work? Read on...

1.  The Federal Reserve decides that more money should be placed in circulation.
2.  The United States Government "goes along" with this decision and "authorizes" the increase.
3. The Treasury Department is then instructed to print (in its printing facilities) whatever amount was "authorized."
4. The Treasury Department then SELLS these printed notes to the Federal Reserve Corporation for the actual costs incurred in printing the money - NOT for the amount printed on the face of the notes. Current costs for printing run about 1-1/2 CENTS per note.
5. The Federal Reserve then places these newly-printed notes into circulation through their twelve Federal Reserve Banks from which ALL banking facilities in this country obtain their money. HOWEVER, the Federal Reserve charges the FACE VALUE of the notes to the United States Government as a LOAN with annual interest!
6. When the loan term ends, whether it has been paid by the U.S. Government or not, the Federal Reserve renews the loan at whatever their (the Federal Reserve's) current interest rate is.
7. Every FRN is a DEBT to the Federal Government of the U.S., and thus its taxpayers (that's YOU!).
8. The Federal Reserve Act included language that put Limits on the U.S. Government's right to print and spend these FRNs.
9. When the U.S. Government needs money, it borrows FRNs at the FACE VALUE from banks (under the control of the Federal Reserve).
10. Thus, the U.S. Government owes TWICE for every FRN placed into circulation - plus interest! As with most loans, the interest is a FIRST PRIORITY payment to the "Big Eight" families that own the Federal Reserve.

With this kind of monetary lending and pay-back system, it is easy to see how the U.S. Government can NEVER pay off its debt. Regardless of what any politician tells you, this type of lending at such high interest rates can NEVER he paid off! President-Elect Bill Clinton will NOT be able to solve our country's debt DESPITE all of the hoopla he promised during his election campaign. Cutting military spending, foreign aid, welfare, and health-care costs simply WILL NOT reduce the federal deficit. [Cutting 3. spending is nice because it will slow running the deficit up even higher than it would be otherwise. Since most Americans don't  understand the monetary lending and pay-back system we now have in the  U.S., politicians can talk about reducing  the deficit and score lots of "brownie  points" with voters because this subject  (reducing the deficit) really appeals to  most people.]

The money supply of any nation, if based solely upon the net birth and death count of its Citizens, will normally produce zero inflation and deflation. If either of these two situations ever come about, a withdrawal of currency would curb inflation, and an increase would curb deflation.

The total interest paid to the Federal  Reserve since 1913 is over TWENTY SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS (that's an "27"  with twelve zeros!). And as of this writing, we still owe 8.875 TRILLION dollars more!

According to the U.S. Constitution, Congress cannot LAWFULLY delegate to a non-government entity any National Duties for America that the Constitution has mandated for Congress. However, through the "exclusive legislation" powers in Article 1:8:17, it can delegate any power to anyone for LIMITED federal areas and owned properties of the federal government. Therefore, the Federal Government's $22.4 Trillion FRN debt (this figure includes real debt plus other commitments that must be paid) should not be America's debt. It is the debt of the Federal Government only.  Interest payments due in 1990 alone totaled $1.69 Trillion FRNs. This money goes straight to the "Big Eight."


If you trade with the Federal Reserve's Notes (in other words, you buy anything with money), you may be considered as "adhesioned" (contracted) to the Fed's insidious jurisdiction whether you like it or not. The Federal Reserve is constantly working on getting legislation through Congress that gives them more and more power. This area of discussion is MASSIVE and would take hundreds and hundreds of pages to detail. We'll have to just shorten it to this: Should the Federal Reserve ever decide to "foreclose" on the U.S.  Government again because of its inability to pay its "debt" to the Federal  Reserve (the rich "Big Eight'' families), and our politicians in office at the time they decide to go along with these foreclosure proceedings as their predecessors have done in the past, everything you own (and we mean EVERYTHING!) becomes the property of the Federal Reserve. You will own NOTHING!! Your house, cat, and all personal possessions will no longer be yours. We can all thank our "faithful public servants" in Congress for allowing us to be adhesioned to the Federal Reserve WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT!  Don't think it can happen? Refer to our article on FEMA,The Federal Emergency Management Agency. The legislation for removing all of your rights to property and freedom has already been written in the books. Unless these laws are changed...and changed very soon before it goes much and all other American citizens will be POWERLESS to do anything about it!

Here is some more info about the Federal Reserve's notes. It is common for us American citizens to refer to a Federal Reserve Note and a dollar bill as being one and the same. In reality, they are N0T: The following is a reprint of a letter from the U.S. Department of Treasury regarding an inquiry from a citizen asking for the definition of a dollar:

February 18, 1977

Dear Mr. Wissman

This is to respond to your letter of November 23, 1976 in which you request a definition for the dollar as distinguished from a Federal Reserve Note.

Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars. Those notes are denominated in dollars, which are the unit of account of United States money. The Coinage Act of 1792 established the dollar as the basic unit of United States currency, by providing that "The money of account of the United States shall be expressed in dollars or units, dimes or tenths, cents or hundredths...''  - 31 U.S.C. 371.

The fact that the Federal Reserve notes may not be converted into gold or silver does not render them worthless. Mr. Bernard of the Federal Reserve Board is quite correct in stating that the value of a dollar is its purchasing power. Professor Samuelson, in his text "Economics," notes that the dollar, as our medium of exchange, is wanted not for its own sake, but for the things it will buy.

I trust this information responds to your inquiry.

Sincerely yours,

Russell Munk

Russell L. Munk
Assistant General Counsel

If you were paying close attention when you read this letter, you will see that the FRN seems to be what we call a F.R.A.U.D. (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Dollar). This letter from the Department of Treasury establishes, without dispute, that a Federal Reserve Note and a dollar are NOT the same! Federal Reserve Notes are NOT dollars! The Federal Reserve is merely using the unit of measurement used in the United States to place a fictitious value on the face of their FRNs.


Since 1933 when the Treasury went Bankrupt the U.S. has been operating on paper and electronic "debt-credit'' transfer that are created from thin air. When you pay bills with "debt credit transfers" (checks or credit cards) those payments are also made with FRNs. Because the FRN is not backed by anything of value, it is simply legal tender, and your debt is considered "Discharged." All contracts of monetary obligation state the amount in DOLLARS - not Federal Reserve Notes. Read again the letter by Russell L. Munk about the difference between the two. You still owe something of value for the value you received. If you pay with something of value for value received (gold, silver, etc.), your debt is "Paid In Full" (No longer collectible). This leaves a BIG difference between a debt that is "Discharged" and one that is "Paid In Full."

The only possible way to escape this trap is by using the initials ''TDC'' which stands for ''Threat, Duress, and/or Coercion" after your signature on all commercial and government contracts. The Federal Government has left us no practical alternative for paying our debts. Thus, they are forcing us to use worthless paper and we, as Citizens, cannot be held responsible for its worthlessness.


The Monetary Control Act, passed by Congress in 1980, allegedly placed all economic organizations under the control the Federal Reserve System. This brings all U.S. depository institutions under the direct authority of the "Big Eight," expands the definition of collateral for Federal Reserve credit and Federal Reserve Notes now in circulation. This means that any asset the Federal Reserve can purchase on the open market can be used as an asset against borrowing. Thus, the Federal Reserve has a lien against ALL property in the United States. The banking and lending institutions, which are ALL now under the authority of the Federal Reserve, use their collateral (your home, business, car, etc.) as authority to create money out of thin air, thereby pledging this collateral against loans from the Federal Reserve. What do you think would happen if the Federal Reserve Corporation decided to foreclose again on the Federal Debt today?

On March 7, 1983, Archibaid Roberts, Lt Col, AUS., Ret., spoke before the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee. Colonel Roberts, founder of the Committee To Restore The Constitution, said about the Monetary Control Act of 1980:

"Its purpose was to bring together under the authority, alleged authority, of the Federal Reserve System, all lending agencies of the United States, as well as the banks which must operate in conformity with the Chase Manhattan Bank (Rockefeller's bank) guidelines. This act in fact was responsible for a very powerful, silent revolution in the economy, and in the banking world of the United States. It did prepare and accomplish the consolidation, or centralization, of all economic factors in the United States under the control of the Federal Reserve itself. The Federal Reserve, therefore, controls not only the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, but also all the lending institutions in the United States." As we mentioned earlier, the mortgages held by the lending agencies are part and parcel of the credit controls upon which the Federal Reserve now exercises its alleged authority to create money out of thin air. It is a real lien against all private property in the United States, as well as Federal property, I might add."

He continues:

"For example, the Feds can now purchase such collateral as FHA and VA backed mortgages or corporate debt obligations. Also, the Fed can now bail out Chrysler, as it did, and any other corporation, by buying all of the commercial paper (debts) of that corporation. Therefore, the Fed controls the American Economy and American Industry through this technique. Also, the Fed can bail out the Chase Manhattan Bank, City Bank, or any other bank with the accepting of federally-backed mortgages from such banks. That is, irresponsible bank loans, foreign and domestic, as we have seen, through the activity of the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund. They are able to bail out bankrupt foreign governments, placing the burden of repayment for these bad loans upon the backs of the American taxpayer.

As you can readily see, we as American Citizens are NOT in for good times in the coming years if we don't put a stop to these insidious and unconstitutional actions. The Federal Reserve has been able to get away with everything they've done in the past - and are continuing to do today simply because the American Citizens of this country were not...and still are not...aware of what has been (and still is) going on!


· Even though the Federal Reserve is a "corporation," it has UNIQUE TAX EXEMPTIONS under Title 12, U.S. Code Section 531. "Federal Reserve Bonds, including the capital stock and surplus therein and the income there from, shall be exempt from federal, state, and local taxation, except taxes upon (its) real estate."

When we American citizens earn money on our money (interest), it is considered "income" and we are taxed on it. The Federal Reserve pays NO taxes on its income.

· The "chairman" of the Federal Reserve is required to average ten trips per year to Basel, Switzerland to receive guidelines (orders) for the next sequence of steps he is to take concerning the control of money in the U.S.

As further proof that everything I have reported is true, take a look at the back of one of your canceled checks made payable to the IRS. You will find the bank endorsement to read: "PAY ANY F.R.B. BRANCH OR GEN. DEPOSITORY FOR CREDIT....U.S. TREASURY......THIS IS IN PAYMENT OF A DEBT OWED BY THE UNITED STATES.” This can only mean that the checks you write for income taxes are paid directly to the Federal Reserve Bank in payment of obligations of the United States. Your money that you are paying in, and think is being used to run our country, goes straight to the "Big Eight" as interest payments on the federal debt. Section 7809(a) of the IRS Code states that these payments are to go to the United States Treasury, not to a Private corporation for a phony debt!

Section 31 of the Federal Reserve Act gives Congress the power to dismantle the Federal Reserve, but apparently the "Big Eight'' families have Congress scared stiff. And as long as the Citizens of the United States do not put pressure on their Congressmen and Senators to enact Section 31, nothing will change. And pressure has not been brought upon Congress because SO FEW Americans know what is REALLY going on.


If you want your voice to be heard (and you should!) right now, at this very moment, sit down and write a strongly worded letter to your Congressman and Senators demanding an explanation as to why they have not exercised their power to dismantle the Federal Reserve as given to them in Section 31 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Tell your Congressman and Senators that you demand a written explanation and remind them of the facts that they are your public servants and that only they, as representatives for you, have the power to coin and regulate money themselves as given to them in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

Tell them in your letter that you are NOT happy with the Federal Reserve controlling the monetary system currently in place in the U.S.

Finally, tell them in your letter that you expect them to take action immediately as outlined in Section 31 of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to free our country from the ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL control of our fictitious monetary system.

These things you must do NOW! If you have children or grandchildren, and you want them to have any kind of future at all, you absolutely MUST let your voice be heard! Stop complaining and start doing something about this country's problems!!

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We strongly urge all Patriot's to go to their local law library to learn more about the Federal Reserve. Law libraries are open to the public and all Citizens of the United States may conduct research free of charge. It's the law.

"Let me control a people's currency and I care not who makes their laws'       Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, speaking to a group of international bankers-1912


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