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Some Interesting Comments

By Dick Eastman:

One fourth of the Harvard student body are Jewish.  Lawrence Summers was President of Harvard; he was under investigation with Goldman Sachs and Alan Greenspan for an arrangement by which inside-traders were buying the Fed's gold for less than the current market price when all of the records and all of the investigators perished in the collapse of the New York World Trade Center twin towers.  Summers and Greenspan are now doing the same to your house.  After his role as Assistant Secretary of Defense where Richard Perle, Henry Kissinger and other Jews and one goy, viz.,  Newt "Rockefeller-Republican-all-my-life" Gingrich sat in the defense policy board at the Pentagon in the months up to and following 9/11, Mr. Paul Wolfowitz went to head the IMF as if the global bankers after using his talents in one area, sought to use them again in another.




Kissinger too, as the man who opened up China "economically" with David Rockefeller  -- with whom he secretly conspired to help depose anti-Establishment nationalist Republicans Nixon and Agnew (Nixon actually attempted to bring down Rockefeller control of the CFR)  for which populist strain in Nixon he, after one of the greatest landslide elections ever, was removed by Watergate, with young Hillary Clinton, a so-disant Rockefeller Republican, helping to force an impeachment over essentially nothing  (Andrew Johnson was impeached over essentially nothing too, his simply firing a Secretary of War who would not obey his orders -- so the Eastern Establishment could "reconstruct" the defeated South like Iraq is being "reconstructed" today -- the Civil War really being a battle over the liberal democratic-republicanism of Jefferson-Calhoun versus the creature of Rothschild Banking interests then recently exemplified by Money Power minions Francis Biddle of the Bank of the United States central bank that Jackson vetoed, and Daniel Webster and Henry Clay both "Hamiltonian" agents of the Rothschilds.)  Kissinger whom George W. Bush first named to head the 9/11 investigation, was not touched by Watergate  (blood on the lintel?) whoever since sells connections to Red Chinese officials  -- essentially all the US corporations making goods in China.




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