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Evidence: BP oil spill is disaster capitalism by criminal elite to depopulate and stop ET disclosure


By Alfred Lambremont Webre
June 13, 2010

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This article is the 2nd in an ongoing series on the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and its environmental, economic, social and exopolitical impacts.

A pattern of evidence from independent investigative reporters is emerging to suggest that the BP oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico may be an intentional “false flag” event in the genre of disaster capitalism, with the “environmental war” purpose of wrecking the environment of the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern United States and causing economic and social hardship to the population, and possible physical evacuation into FEMA camps operated by Halliburton on behalf of an international war crimes network.  Halliburton is, by the emerging evidence, itself a prime suspect in the false flag operation.

Key principals who, by preliminary evidence, to be tied to criminal acts associated with insider profiting on the BP oil “spill” operation and with acts of pre-meditated sabotage or criminal negligence that initially caused the oil spill and exacerbated its environmental, economic and social effects, have been tied to previous “false flag” events of disaster capitalism and are operatives of this international war crimes racketeering network.

There is now evidence of intentional disaster capitalism in the BP oil spill, including “foreshadowing drills” by the U.S. agencies and the sabotage or criminal negligence involvement of Halliburton, first broadcast by this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre and an independent scientist in a special investigative program on Vancouver Coop Radio CFRO 102.7 FM.  Examiner readers can access the full summary and listen to the program in the article below.

On June 8, 2010, UFO filmmaker James Fox, broadcasting on the Veritas show, revealed a corporate-governmental private police state that was erasing constitutional guarantees in the BP oil spill impacted area in Grand Isle, LA. Mr. Fox stated, “Basically what’s happening is a complete media blackout. They are arresting people with cameras. They are arresting ... They will even arrest ... I was told off-camera that if they’re caught talking to a reporter, they are going to go to jail.”

A mainstream New Orleans TV news station, WDSU-TV in a video in the article below, confirmed Mr. Fox’s investigative reporting on June 12, 2010.

There is now confirmation of insider trading in BP stock by Goldman Sachs and an insider corporate takeover by Halliburton three weeks prior to the oil spill. On June 9, 2010, investigative reporters Sherri Kane (a former reporter with Fox News) and Leonard G. Horowitz reported that “Three weeks before the "natural gas leak," the George Bush/Dick Cheney 9-11-linked Halliburton company negotiated the purchase of the world's largest oil-spill cleanup firm (Boots & Coots) at the exact time keen observers on Wall Street--financial intelligence agents at Goldman Sachs unloaded 44% of their stock in BP. Goldman Sachs is covertly invested in the Bush-Cheney-linked Halliburton Company according to veteran observers. Goldman Sachs and Halliburton both had massive financial incentives to cause the profitable explosions--the three 9-11 WTC building demolitions, and the most recent ‘accident’ in the Gulf.”

One expert states that intentional environmental contamination of the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico is evidence of intent to depopulate the marine life, as well as the human population that depend on the Gulf of Mexico for survival.  Moreover, the force multiplier effects of dispersants, deadly benzene and other fumes from petroleum and dispersants, and a severe hurricane season may force evacuation of the Gulf states of the U.S.  There is now strong evidence that the Katrina hurricane was “steered” and “magnified” using advanced environmental war weapons, that can be applied as well to the hurricane season expected to follow the BP oil spill.   Evacuation of the Gulf coast and eastern U.S. will most probably be into FEMA camps, that were built and are managed under Halliburton contracts, more evidence of “disaster capitalism” design to the BP oil spill environmental war operation.

There is a possibility of a blowout of the BP well site that will escalate the damaging effects of the oil spill.  One expert states, “The system will collapse or fail substantially before we reach the finish line ahead of the well and the worst is yet to come. Sorry to bring you that news, I know it is grim, but that is the way I see it... I sincerely hope I am wrong. We need to prepare for the possibility of this blow out sending more oil into the gulf per week than what we already have now, because that is what a collapse of the system will cause. All the collection efforts that have captured oil will be erased in short order. The magnitude of this disaster will increase exponentially by the time we can do anything to halt it and our odds of actually even being able to halt it will go down. The magnitude and impact of this disaster will eclipse anything we have known in our life times if the worst or even near worst happens...”

This article analyzes the evidence for the BP oil spill as an intentional “disaster capitalism” operation, with depopulation and anti-disclosure objectives.

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and insider trading

According to an investigative report by Sherri Lane, former reporter for Fox News, and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a Harvard University trained expert in health education and genetics, there is a pattern of insider trading by Goldman Sachs in BP stock and of an insider corporate takeover by Halliburton three weeks prior to the BP oil spill suggesting that the BP oil spill may be an intentional “false flag” operation.

Ms. Kane and Dr. Horowitz report, “News unfolding from the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico has linked media censorship to investment bankers at Goldman Sachs (GS) stewarding the Vatican's wealth, and increasing evidence that the explosion was intended. A near total news blackout from independent sources, and arrests of anyone caught photographing and filming the devastation, show the Halliburton-British Petroleum (BP) oil crisis is being criminally controlled, implicating some of Wall Street's heaviest hitters.

Suspicious pieces of this deadly puzzle feature Halliburton, the world's second largest oil field services company, headquartered in Houston and Dubai, whose negligence is blamed for the timely and profitable explosion.

Three weeks before the "natural gas leak," the George Bush/Dick Cheney 9-11-linked Halliburton company negotiated the purchase of the world's largest oil-spill cleanup firm (Boots & Coots) at the exact time keen observers on Wall Street--financial intelligence agents at Goldman Sachs…--unloaded 44% of their stock in BP.

These facts parallel the shorting of airline stocks by those in the know prior to the World Trade Center (WTC) 9-11 attacks that new scientific evidence proves were followed by building demolitions, given the red thermite incendiary powder found everywhere around ground zero.

The WTC lessor, Larry Silverstein, partnered with Lloyd Blankfein of GOLDMAN SACHS in the little known Partnership for New York City (PFNYC), took out a General Electric insurance policy just six weeks before the attacks. PFNYC "partners," in charge of assessing financial damages to NYC, and reconstruction plans for the WTC, obviously "veered" insurance payoffs and additional private equity investments to Las Vegas for the construction of the 9-11 memorial--speciously called the "Veer Towers" in the "New World Center."

Blankfein, the PFNYC Co-Chairman and Goldman Sachs CEO, was barraged with indictments and rising media infamy regarding Goldman Sachs conflicting interests effectively demolishing the US economy through the "shorting" of the housing industry--scrutiny suspended by Halliburton's oil rig synchronously exploding most profitably for Goldman Sachs and its CEO.

Goldman Sachs is covertly invested in the Bush-Cheney-linked Halliburton Company according to veteran observers. Goldman Sachs and Halliburton both had massive financial incentives to cause the profitable explosions--the three 9-11 WTC building demolitions, and the most recent "accident" in the Gulf.

The media's gross neglect of the full extent of the crisis obviously supports Goldman Sachs damage control and incriminating connections. These include Blankfein's PFNYC Co-Chairman, Rupert Murdoch, and their pernicious influence over the major networks and the PFNYC--the world's leading petrochemical-pharmaceutical-biotechnology consortium profiting from death, disease, and environmental destruction. This unholy alliance best explains the media's aversion to responsible reporting in the Gulf and elsewhere.

Besides Blankfein and Goldman Sachs backing stock in both BP and Halliburton, another red oil-drenched herring is Peter D. Sutherland--the outgoing Chairman of BP is also the current Non-Executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

The scariest part of this whole story is that Mr. Sutherland, the man standing with one foot in Goldman Sachs, and the other on the burning Halliburton-BP oil rig, is the Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. In other words, Sutherland is the chief financial adviser to the Pope.

In 2010, Mr. Sutherland finished a 13-year stint as Chairman of BP, Europe's largest oil company. A former Attorney General of Ireland, he is President of the Federal Trust for Education and Research, a British think tank whose efforts might better be called corporatist indoctrination than trustworthy "education." He is Chairman of The Ireland Fund of Great Britain, and a member of the advisory council of Business for New Europe--a pro-New-World-Order European think-tank based in Britain.

From 1993-95, Sutherland was the Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

In January 2006, the current Non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, was appointed by United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, as his Special Representative for Migration.

Now, ironically, Sutherland's mission impossible is to migrate marine flora and fauna, fisherman, and coastal residents out of harms way in this spreading international emergency.

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill as intentional “disaster capitalism”

The intentional environmental devastation of the Black Sea in 2007, created by a UK HAARP Facility at Aquiteria, Cyprus is an example of an intentional environmental war false flag operation, using electromagnetic environmental weapons.  According to one expert, the 2007 environmental devastation of the Black Sea was created as payback to the Russian Federation because of oil pipelines that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin negotiated to Italy and Southern Europe, beating out U.S. and U.K. controlled oil companies. The expert states that the same international war crimes racketeering organization planned and carried out the 2007 intentional environmental contamination of the Black Sea as is behind the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. readers can listen to a 60 minute interview by this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre on the evidence that the BP oil spill is intentional “disaster capitalism” by clicking here.

BP’s compromise of the environmental movement as part of the false flag operation

It is doubtful that environmental movement, thought to be a civil society check and balance on the oil companies, will forcefully demand an investigation of evidence of possible intentional environmental war in the BP oil spill, because of the compromise of deep ties to BP itself.

One observer writes, “Without doubt at this point we are in the midst of what could be the greatest ecological catastrophe in history. The oil platform explosion took place almost within the current loop where the Gulf Stream originates. This has huge ecological and climatological consequences.

“A cursory look at a map of the Gulf Stream shows that the oil is not just going to cover the beaches in the Gulf, it will spread to the Atlantic coasts up through North Carolina then on to the North Sea and Iceland. And beyond the damage to the beaches, sea life and water supplies, the Gulf stream has a very distinct chemistry, composition (marine organisms), density, temperature. What happens if the oil and the dispersants and all the toxic compounds they create actually change the nature of the Gulf Stream? No one can rule out potential changes including changes in the path of the Gulf Stream, and even small changes could have huge impacts. Europe, including England, is not an icy wasteland due to the warming from the Gulf Stream.

“Yet there is a deafening silence from the very environmental organizations which ought to be at the barricades demanding that BP, the US Government and others act decisively.

“That deafening silence of leading green or ecology organizations such as Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and others may well be tied to a money trail that leads right back to the oil industry, notably to BP. Leading environmental organizations have gotten significant financial payoffs in recent years from BP in order that the oil company could remake itself with an “environment-friendly face,” as in “beyond petroleum” the company’s new branding.

“The Nature Conservancy, described as ‘the world’s most powerful environmental group,’ has awarded BP a seat on its International Leadership Council after the oil company gave the organization more than $10 million in recent years.

“Until recently, the Conservancy and other environmental groups worked with BP in a coalition that lobbied Congress on climate-change issues. An employee of BP Exploration serves as an unpaid Conservancy trustee in Alaska. In addition, according to a recent report published by the Washington Post, Conservation International, another environmental group, has accepted $2 million in donations from BP and worked with the company on a number of projects, including one examining oil-extraction methods. From 2000 to 2006, John Browne, then BP's chief executive, sat on the CI board.

“Further, The Environmental Defense Fund, another influential ecologist organization, joined with BP, Shell and other major corporations to form a Partnership for Climate Action, to promote ‘market-based mechanisms’ (sic) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Environmental non-profit groups that have accepted donations from or joined in projects with BP include Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club and Audubon. That could explain why the political outcry to date for decisive action in the Gulf has been so muted.

“Of course those organizations are not going to be  the ones to solve this catastrophe. The central point at this point is who is prepared to put the urgently demanded federal and international scientific resources into solving this crisis. Further actions of the likes of that from the Obama White House to date or from BP can only lead to the conclusion that some very powerful people want this debacle to continue. The next weeks will be critical to that assessment.”

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and intentional depopulation

The evidence for the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill as environmental warfare designed as part of an intentional global depopulation program is discussed in a 60 minute radio program with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre and an independent scientist that readers can listen to by clicking here.

The outline to the Vancouver Coop Radio program is as follow:

Program Content

The New 9/11: BP's false flag operation in the Gulf to Wreck the Environment

BP + Halliburton + Department Of Energy + University Of California

May 31, 2010

Disaster Capitalism: Energy Competitors In Caribbean

•    Medvedev In Cuba – Oil Contracts With Cuba

•    Putin In Venezuela – China Russia Contracts With Chavez

•    Squeezing Out Smaller Competitors In Caribbean

•    Haiti Disaster Capitalism

•    US Losing Grip On Caribbean And South America

Obama And The American Power Act

•    Ultimate Prize For Big Oil – 27 Deepwater Leases Since April 20, 2010 – Oil Rig Disaster

•    Offshore Drilling Ban Lifted – Democratic President Authorized Drilling 85% Shoreline

•    2008-2009 Oil Lobbying  -  $300 Million In 2 Years

•    Nuclear Power To Expand The Most Of All Energies By 2030

Agency + BP Cozy Relationships

•    Department Of Energy And BP – Dr. Steven Chu/Dr. Koonin

Stanford-UC Berkeley-BP

BP Helios Project  - Lawrence Berkeley Lab (Lbnl)

$500 Million BP Grant To Chu At Lbnl

[Similar To 911 And Christy Todd Whitman At EPA]

•    Minerals Management Service – Elizabeth Birnbaum

MMS Personnel Taking Perks/Gifts From Oil Companies

•    BP Safety Plans/Documents Inadequate

Foreshadowing: Coast Guard + BP Drill

Oil Rig Disaster – April 20, 2010

•    Drilling Too Fast, Disregarding Worker's Warnings

•    BP History Of Disasters (Penny Pinching For Profits)

(Bean Counters Should Not Be Involved In Operations)

•    Holding Employees Hostage On Boats Until They Signed Insurance Waivers With BP

•    BP Self Insured

•    Failed Response -  Just Like Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response

BP + Coast Guard + Federal Government + DOE + DOD + EPA

Environmental Impact – Short/Long Term Damage

•    Caribbean Destroyed – Coral Reefs, Marine Biota, Beaches, Fishing, Tourism

•    Caribbean Current

•    Atlantic Current

•    Toxic Dispersants – EPA Banned Dispersant, BP Ignored EPA

•    East Coast Impact

•    Intense Hurricane Season – NOAA Warning

•    Impact On East Coast – Radiation + Chemicals

•    Atlantic Great Conveyor Belt Current – Arctic/Global

HAARP Black Sea Storm 2007 –

•    Environmental Devastation Of Black Sea Created At UK HAARP Facility At Aquiteria, Cyprus, As Payback For Putin's Pipelines To Italy And Southern Europe

Jason Scientists

•    Gordon Macdonald “How To Wreck The Environment”

View the evidence for and international law aspects of international war crimes racketeering organization readers can view a lecture by this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre on the evidence for and international law aspects of international war crimes racketeering organization, and a depopulation program on which this organization is engaged.

Public awareness and organized resistance to all aspects of this global depopulation program designed by the international war crimes racketeering organization is growing.  For example, in an April 29, 2010 report Dr. Leonard Horowirz reports, “’Complete censorship was the only option officials have had to prevent a meltdown in public opinion about medicine and the pharmaceutical industry,’ said Ingri Cassel, a leading vaccine risk awareness activist. ‘This explains why news of this vaccination depopulation plan has been neglected by the special-interest-influenced media.’

“Investigating conflicting pharmaceutical interests influencing news coverage, Sherri Kane, previously a writer for FOX News in Los Angeles, learned that the majority shareholders in FOX, TimeWarner, News Corp., and the Wall Street Journal, are heavily invested in GlaxoSmithKlein and Merck's CSL Laboratories, both makers of risky drugs and vaccines.

“Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, became a major shareholder in AstraZeneca following his direction of the company's acquisition of the H1N1 FluMist maker, MedImmune. Blankfein has also leveraged ABC-Disney following their merger with money he raised through GS investors. This resulted in Dr. Oz's heavy promotion of H1N1 vaccines on ABC last year, when officials learned that the vast majority of Americans were unwilling to risk the exposure. Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein co-chair the PFNYC, founded by CHASE principal, World Bank ambassador, and America's leading energy industrialist and medical monopolist, David Rockefeller. The PFNYC was chartered by the Royal Family of England--a majority share holder in General Electric--the world's largest company--that controls NBC/Universal/Comcast, and MSNBC with Bill Gates.”

Halliburton, FEMA camps, and population evacuation

Halliburton, the party most implicated in causing and maintaining the BP false flag oil spill operation, is also the contracting party for FEMA camps where evacuees from the benzene fumes and other toxic rains and poisons along the Gulf and eastern coasts of the U.S. may be sent.  If this does not seem realistic, evacuees from hurricane Katrina, a prior false flag environmental war attack on New Orleans are still living in FEMA camps at this time.

Veteran researcher Peter Dale Scott uncannily predicts that the FEMA camps are being prepared for the “next 9/11” in a February 6, 2006 article entitled “Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps."

A little-known $385 million contract for Halliburton subsidiary KBR to build detention facilities for "an emergency influx of immigrants" is another step down the Bush administration's road toward martial law, the writer says.

A Halliburton subsidiary has just received a $385 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to provide "temporary detention and processing capabilities."

The contract -- announced January 24 by the engineering and construction firm KBR -- calls for preparing for "an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs" in the event of other emergencies, such as "a natural disaster." The release offered no details about where Halliburton was to build these facilities, or when.

To date, some newspapers have worried that open-ended provisions in the contract could lead to cost overruns, such as have occurred with KBR in Iraq. A Homeland Security spokesperson has responded that this is a "contingency contract" and that conceivably no centers might be built. But almost no paper so far has discussed the possibility that detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law.

For those who follow covert government operations abroad and at home, the contract evoked ominous memories of Oliver North's controversial Rex-84 "readiness exercise" in 1984. This called for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to round up and detain 400,000 imaginary "refugees," in the context of "uncontrolled population movements" over the Mexican border into the United States. North's activities raised civil liberties concerns in both Congress and the Justice Department. The concerns persist.

"Almost certainly this is preparation for a roundup after the next 9/11 for Mid-Easterners, Muslims and possibly dissenters," says Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst who in 1971 released the Pentagon Papers, the U.S. military's account of its activities in Vietnam. "They've already done this on a smaller scale, with the 'special registration' detentions of immigrant men from Muslim countries, and with Guantanamo."

Plans for detention facilities or camps have a long history, going back to fears in the 1970s of a national uprising by black militants. As Alonzo Chardy reported in the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987, an executive order for continuity of government (COG) had been drafted in 1982 by FEMA head Louis Giuffrida. The order called for "suspension of the Constitution" and "declaration of martial law." The martial law portions of the plan were outlined in a memo by Giuffrida's deputy, John Brinkerhoff.

In 1985, President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive 188, one of a series of directives that authorized continued planning for COG by a private parallel government.

Two books, James Mann's "Rise of the Vulcans" and James Bamford's "A Pretext for War," have revealed that in the 1980s this parallel structure, operating outside normal government channels, included the then-head of G. D. Searle and Co., Donald Rumsfeld, and then-Congressman from Wyoming Dick Cheney.

After 9/11, new martial law plans began to surface similar to those of FEMA in the 1980s. In January 2002 the Pentagon submitted a proposal for deploying troops on American streets. One month later John Brinkerhoff, the author of the 1982 FEMA memo, published an article arguing for the legality of using U.S. troops for purposes of domestic security.

Then in April 2002, Defense Department officials implemented a plan for domestic U.S. military operations by creating a new U.S. Northern Command (CINC-NORTHCOM) for the continental United States. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called this "the most sweeping set of changes since the unified command system was set up in 1946."

The NORTHCOM commander, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced, is responsible for "homeland defense and also serves as head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).... He will command U.S. forces that operate within the United States in support of civil authorities. The command will provide civil support not only in response to attacks, but for natural disasters."

John Brinkerhoff later commented on PBS that, "The United States itself is now for the first time since the War of 1812 a theater of war. That means that we should apply, in my view, the same kind of command structure in the United States that we apply in other theaters of war."

Then in response to Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, according to the Washington Post, White House senior adviser Karl Rove told the governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, that she should explore legal options to impose martial law "or as close as we can get." The White House tried vigorously, but ultimately failed, to compel Governor Blanco to yield control of the state National Guard.

Also in September, NORTHCOM conducted its highly classified Granite Shadow exercise in Washington. As William Arkin reported in the Washington Post, "Granite Shadow is yet another new Top Secret and compartmented operation related to the military's extra-legal powers regarding weapons of mass destruction. It allows for emergency military operations in the United States without civilian supervision or control."

It is clear that the Bush administration is thinking seriously about martial law.

Many critics have alleged that FEMA's spectacular failure to respond to Katrina followed from a deliberate White House policy: of paring back FEMA, and instead strengthening the military for responses to disasters.

A multimillion program for detention facilities will greatly increase NORTHCOM's ability to respond to any domestic disorders.

Environmental weapons can magnify and steer hurricanes carrying toxic oil and dispersant-filled sea water onto the southeastern and eastern U.S.

There is a demonstrated history of environmental war false flag operations using environmental weapons to create “disaster capitalism” and depopulation events.

The international war crimes racketeering organization possesses the technology and know-how to drive the toxic fumes and oil-dispersant mixed with seawater of the BP oil spill into the atmosphere and over the landmass and population centers to the southeastern and eastern U.S.   Such a use of environmental weapons would force a population evacuation in the southeastern and eastern U.S. and drive the American people into FEMA camps under martial law.

This environmental war assault appears – more probably than not – to be a part of the false flag operation – that must be brought to public light and halted.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has participated in a series of science-based programs and articles detailing how environmental weapons can steer and accelerate hurricanes and cyclones as destructive weapons against targeted cities, regions, and populations. readers can listen to a radio program detailing how a number of these environmental war attacks were designed and carried out by the international war crimes racketeering organization by clicking here.

An outline of this radio program is as follows:

This is a substantive, scientific discussion of the empirical evidence for the following events as HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare:

    * Kobe, Japan Earthquake of 1995

    * Sumatra Earthquake & Tsunami of December 26, 2006

    * 2 NASA Shuttle Disasters

    * Katrina Hurricane of 2005

    * 2001 Foreshadowing Announcement by FEMA: (1) "Terrorist Attack in New York"; (2) "Catastrophic Earthquake in San Francisco"; (3) "Catastrophic Hurricane in New Orleans"

    * Black Sea Event of 2007

    * Niigata Earthquake (Japan) 2007

    * Myanmar Cyclone - May 3, 2008

    * China Earthquake - May 12, 2008

Clicking here can access the entire series of articles and radio programs on environmental false flag operations.

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the suppression of new energy and extraterrestrial disclosure

There is substantial preliminary evidence connecting key actors within Goldman Sachs, Halliburton to insider trading and corporate acquisitions three weeks prior to the BP oil spill.  There is evidence connecting Halliburton directly to either willful sabotage or criminal negligence in the explosion leading to the BP oil spill on April 20, 2010.

Halliburton is a company that has benefited from sole source contracts in the illegal war against Afghanistan (2001-present) and the illegal war against Iraq (2003-present), each of which was arguably triggered by the false flag operation of September 11, 2001. has published four investigative articles demonstrating that 9/11 was a false flag operation and that Richard B. Cheney, a principal in Halliburton, played a key operational role in the false flag operation of September 11, 2001.

The false flag operation of September 11, 2001 launched an international war of aggression by the United States and the U.K., which has included an intentional covert nuclear war and depopulation of central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq) through the ionizing radiation produced by the use of carpet bombing by depleted uranium (DU) bombs and the use of DU weapons on the battlefield, carried by the monsoon through the region.  Atmospheric winds take about one week to carry this ionizing radiation to Western Europe and the UK, and about two weeks to the USA and Canada.  There are demonstrable levels of birth defects, DNA alternations, damage to male sperm, cancer, and other diseases in the Central Asian, European, and North American population that are consistent with a depopulation program. readers are welcome to listen to this science-based update on the latest research documenting these intentional depopulation effects by clicking here.

One strategic purpose of this global depopulation program, coordinated by the same international war crimes racketeering organization that has created the 2010 BP oil spill operation, is to ensure bring the human race down to population levels approximating the Earth as an elite “theme park.”

As part of this strategy, it is an imperative of the international war crimes racketeering organization that advanced quantum access technologies, such as time travel and teleportation, and anti-gravity propulsion systems, stay hidden within black budget sequestered U.S. military projects, are not be applied as environmentally sound new energy sources for the benefit of human kind and the planet.

Likewise, it is an imperative of the international war crimes racketeering organization behind the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill that humanity be denied public interest, open relations with ethical extraterrestrial civilizations.  Although the U.S. government, and by extension elite members of the international war crimes racketeering organization have participated in secret human-ET liaison programs since for at least the last 60 years, the intent of the organizers of the BP oil spill is a depopulation of humanity, not a sharing of the benefits to interact with extraterrestrials. has reported on the U.S. secret bases on Mars as “survival colonies” for a chosen human elite from Earth, and the international war crimes racketeering organization’s design, if they are allowed to be successful, is to limit the human experience of Mars to a chosen elite.

Seattle's relationship to Exopolitics and this article:  According to, this reporter -Alfred Lambremont Webre - is "one of two experts in the field of exopolitics and this topic doesn’t generally lend itself to a local angle".  This reporter is very proud to have this Exopolitics Examiner column based in Seattle.  Historically, "the modern phenomena of UFOs and 'flying saucers' began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects 'flying like a saucer would' along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of 'flying saucers' locally and across the nation."  A local Seattle connection is thus embedded into every article this reporter has the privilege to write for our Seattle audience.

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