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Monopolist deceptions "peak oil" and "global warming" didn't fly

By Dick Eastman

Here's what happened.

Monopolist deceptions "peak oil" and "global warming" didn't fly, so to prevent plentiful cheap oil from the unlimited supply of the Gulf Rockefeller-Rothschild purposely got wreckless to create an rent in a high pressure oil dome so disastrous that it would shut down oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere else.

The managers and policy setters of the oil interests -- Rockefeller family and the Rothschilds-Royalty ownership of BP and other oil firms -- which have interlocking ownership as well as interlocking directorships -- needed a way to cut back on oil production to maximize or "sustain" the wealth capturing despite the abundant supply geologists have uncovered. They attempted to carry out two strategies, the Peak Oil Deception (POD) and the Global Warming Deception (GWD)

The Peak Oil Deception was possible, they thought, because they controlled the reporting of their own industry -- that had made sure of that. The plan was to tell the world -- and fake and spin data with selective reporting of geological findings -- saying that the world's easily obtainable oil was being used up -- had in fact passed its "peak" -- and that higher prices were in order -- higher prices which they were all too glad to administer without the help of the fabled market mechanisms of competitive supply and pricing.

The peak oil deception filled your mind with images like these:




This effort at persuasion failed.

More successful was the effort to cut back oil production by regulation, using the global warming scare. If production was cut back and output restricted then people would bid very high for the right to produce, and through "cap and trade" -- the profit margin would increase.

The Global Warming Deception looked like this (and still does):

But with pressure to drill in the vast offshore reserves that they always knew existed in order to save the economy -- it was urged that the US resort to offshore drilling. But that would have meant more output and lower prices for the Americans and the world -- which would be very bad for Oil Dynasties' profits. ( Note: gas prices always preceed kleptostrophic declines in the nation's output of goods, services, jobs, wages, and domestic business profits. Yet that is what the policy makers for the Oil Dynasties always try to cause to come into effect.)

They had to stop the production of cheap oil so they arranged for the most monstrous disaster oil pollution disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Their reasoning was pristine profit maximization cost-benefit analysis.


They knew they controlled the governments around the Gulf. They knew they controlled the world's media. They figured out what it would take to neutralize whatever opposition they would get from intelligent people with facts and analytical tools on the Internet. They calculated the cost in bad public relations and in terms of cleanup. The cleanup cost for them was minimized by proper groundwork -- changing regulations and getting exemptions and caps on liability. Besides, the governments and private sector would have to borrow the money from the international investment banks -- which the Oil Dyanasties also happen to own. They knew that they controlled the environmentalist movement -- the "global warming establishment" long ago kicked out objective earth scientists. They knew that there would be no demonstrations without their usual crews of agitators stirring the pot. And so in the face of this disaster we have neighboring goverments in the Gulf being almost silent on the disaster. There is no talk of taking over cleanup from British Petroleum. The phony efforts to close the oil vent have failed as predetermined. There was no calling of international scientists to study the problem. The UN general assembly was not convened. All bases were covered.

And -- with abosolutely no reason for doing so -- Barack Obama ordered the shutdown of all drilling stations in the Gulf.

Now you know.




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