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Who is powerful enough to prevent the capping of the Gulf of Mexico damaged oil well?

By Branko R Babić

I am an inventor who designed and patent registered technology for use in Kuwait in 1991. The technology could have contained the carnage inflicted on Kuwait in a matter of weeks, when Red Adair and other specialist teams were saying that it would take no less than 2 years but could be as long as 5 years, to contain the problem of the damaged oil wells.

The Counter Pressure Plugs  (CPP)  were a response to that problem which were NOT allowed to be used at the time and today, I have the same problem in using this technology to prevent further poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico. The powers that be, will not allow this technology to be used.

Believe me when I tell you, that I have no idea why these people are refusing to use this excellent technology, that could have contained the oil spillage within a few hours of the damage becoming apparent. We would need to cut the riser pipe about a couple of meters above the safety valve that has become stuck and allow this self locating CPP to self locate into the cut pipe. The weight of the plug would press the plug into place to staunch the flow of oil. This is well understood technology that works exceptionally well.

I have no idea why they won’t use this technology. The problem with the released oil is that it poisons everything. I do not know how long it will take for this poison to work itself out of the marine life in the Gulf but it could be many generations of the sea creatures exposed to the oil. Everything but everything, that comes into contact with the oil, will ingest the constituents which are now heavily contaminated with dispersants. Every living creature will absorb these contaminants and the flesh of fish will smell of oil, so will the shrimp and the shell fish and all that lives in the floor of the Gulf. This is such a huge catastrophe that it becomes a criminal matter to allow the continued contamination.

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