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Informant Says: "Oil Rig Was Blown Up"

Author Unknown

The claim in this Email that the BP Gulf oil Rig was purposely destroyed may just be real and/or intentional, as it is British Petroleum (BP), an alien company that is involved..Did they have a purpose, is there a causus beli?   Quite likely, as British Petroleum is a Rothschild company, a crowd of One Worlders (along with the Rockefellers) who have long sought to use Oil as the means, the commodity, for securing that world wide dominion over all companies and nations. This goal is the principle theme of the Babylonian Talmud of Judaism -- One world dominion under the aegis of the Jews.

Now what would the real purpose for blowing up this oil rig? Why now?  We must  recall that the current White House occupant has stated that permission is granted to drill in America's off-shore sites..Virginia, for instance..Well, if more oil is found and in quantity, as is most likely, such finds would drive the price of oil downward and the Oil Barons would lose their historic control over pricing and availability.  For it is they who limit production, control pricing and close refineries to aid in their
control over this important commodity.  So, it is a typical British approach to retaining control and dominion out of that little Jewish-owned Bankster's Inner-"City" located within London. So they create a massive diversion and limit the promotion of off-shore oil drilling until they can work their way into controlling it!   Such tactics have been used before to influence political decisions, to limit oil production and new finds, and the history and status of another American oil site seems to confirm these methods by BP.

In Alaska, the US Oil Company, ARCO, first worked the oil sites there, doing the initial site work, setting up the pipelines and doing the additional searches for more oil in that region.  When this was completed, ARCO, for some reason never explained to the American people, sold its oil rights in Alaska to British Petroleum. (Who have been criticized for how poorly they have maintained the pipeline and other infrastructure) It is they who have failed to continue the drilling in Alaska, and it is they who have kept secret "other" massive oil finds (As reported by ARCO's Chaplain, Lindsey Williams) that exist off the coast of Alaska. Williams has stated that he was well aware of a reported discovery known as the Gull Island find which is reported to be so large as to support America's oil needs for 200 years. Not only is the Gull Island find large, it was subsequently reported to him by one of ARCO's old senior officials that another Oil find, equal to the Gull Island find was discovered northwest of the Gull Island find. (Google Lindsey Williams for confirmation.)

Editor's note: Two hundred years should actually be stated as forever, because oil is not finite. See the 19th edition of this publication for proof of this little known fact. Oil is NOT a fossil fuel either. That edition proves that also.

Now why have these secrets related to Oil been kept from the American Public? Well, obviously it is necessary to limit production and hide the details of oil discoveries so as to continue sitting in the "Cat-BIrd" seat of oil the Rockefeller/Rothschild crowd [Ed's note: crowd should more accurately be stated ilk.] have done since oil was first discovered and found important, not just for Navies, but increasingly for other industrial and personal needs.

The best review of this issue of Oil was done by Dr. Emmanuel Josephson who wrote of the historic battles over control of the world's oil. (See "Rockefeller Internationalist:  The Man Who Misrules The World." Chedney Press 1957)
So what in effect is going on, stems directly from the British Rothschild power over the economics and politics of the world, gained from their massive money supply and influence over those who are "elected" into office in America and other nations, especially in Europe. Why else would BP want to "own" the Alaskan oil.

Now, it may have become apparent to some of America's intelligence agencies that the Gulf oil rig may just have suffered from a purposeful sabotage, and it may also account for why the current Occupant sent American Swat teams to other oil rigs in the Gulf, and probably the Rothschild/Rockefeller crowd may be flexing their muscles and showing this new president just exactly who is running the world.

Editor's note: According to Texe Marrs, Rothschild wanted Barack Obama in the White House.

Only this time, they may have stepped on themselves.The world is awakening to this deceit and who is behind it.

Post Script to the article

If the oil well leak was not an alt dirty bomb operation it would have been plugged in the first twenty-four hours by making an explosion to cut the pipe at the right depth. There's no risk since the source of oil is seven miles down and the explosion would only be deep enough for the collapsing earth to seal the hole.

The explosive charge needs to be in the pipe or right next to it and it needs to be a certain depth down. If the explosive is not set deep enough
it does not matter how much explosive is used ("20 Navy depth charges" not enough).,053,247
United States Patent 6,053,247
Wesson, et al.      April 25, 2000
Method and apparatus for severing a tubular


An apparatus and method for severing a tubular, such as a drill string, which is stuck within a subterranean well bore. A volume of liquid explosive is positioned within a housing and initially restrained against movement therein. The housing is lowered within the tubular and positioned at a location where the tubular is to be severed. The volume of liquid explosive is then moved into closer proximity to the tubular and detonated thereby severing the tubular. A portion of the tubular is then removed from the well bore.
Inventors:      Wesson; David S. (Waxahachie, TX), Snider; Philip M. (Houston, TX)
Assignee:     Marathon Oil Company (Findlay, OH)
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Explosive pipe severing tool


A pipe severing tool is arranged to align a plurality of high explosive pellets along a unitizing support structure whereby all explosive pellets are inserted within or extracted from a tubular housing as a singular unit. Electrically initiated exploding wire detonators (EBW) are positioned at opposite ends of the tubular housing for simultaneous detonation by a capacitive firing device. The housing assembly includes a detachable bottom nose that permits the tool to be armed and disarmed without disconnecting the detonation circuitry. Because the tool is not sensitive to stray electrical fields, it may be transported, loaded and unloaded with the EBW detonators in place and connected.
Inventors:      Bell; William T. (Huntsville, TX)
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Here's a precedent for using mud. Concrete can be pumped into the pipe.

Experts plugged the leak on their fifth attempt by injecting thousands of barrels of mud into the well.

The oil leak, in the Timor Sea between Australia and Indonesia, has endangered marine life, environmentalists said.

PTTEP Australasia, said the fire broke out on Sunday as it made another attempt to plug a leak deep underwater at the West Atlas rig.

The company said it pumped nearly 3,500 barrels of mud into a relief well to plug the leak. Engineers had been trying for more than 10 weeks to stop the leak which was spewing out natural gas and oil at an estimated 400 barrels per day.

Oil well head fire cap
United States Patent 5119887
Well Completion Company
Leaders in Cased Hole Completion Technology & Services. Visit Us!
An Oil Well Head Fire Cap is a self-locking and sealing adapter coupling that, when lowered onto an uncontrolled well head fire, will connect a new well head valve to a burning oil well casing. When the valve is closed, the fire is extinguished by stopping the flow of gushing fuel. The Coned shape of the device will allow it to center itself and, when forced down with a cement anchor block, will compress an inner casing into a tapered sleeve until it reaches the seal material and seats. A plurality of spring-engaged sprags, set in recesses, with upwardly pointed horizontal teeth, will roll back, out of the way, as the coupling is lowered on the outer, or surface, casing. As the anchor block is removed, the coupling is lifted by the downhole pressure. The spring-engaged sprags will bite into the outer casing forcing them to roll out tighter against the outer casing, making a firmer grip or deeper "bite." The embodiment of the coupling/Fire Cap will be of corresponding shape to the removable cement anchor block.

Editor's note: My thanks and gratitude to Bob Dodds for posting this information on cia-drugs listserv, a listserv, on May 4, 2010.

Editor's note: This YouTube makes it even more probable that this explosion was planned: See




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