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Not one to toot my horn as to the extreme good fortune I have had, I don't like to write an Editorial very much even though it gives me pleasure to do so when the occasion arises. I feel that such an occasion has arisen now with the BP explosion that occurred on April 20, 2010.

So many of us have thought about the environment. I especially wanted to publish an edition on it, but never have. Now, I won't have to do so, because now I, and I hope you, will realize that dwelling on the environment is just a diversionary tactic to get you to not think about the agenda that the elite have for us.

With the BP explosion, the proof that the elite do not care about the environment has become clear. If you have seen the fish that have come up on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico to the gulf states gasping for breath, you would have understood that if the environment was so dear to the elite, they would not have caused those fish to die.

And it is not just fish, but dolphins, whales, and every other kind of sea creature that is dying with the owners of BP unconcerned about them just the same as our government in Washington D.C. is. Many nations around the world offered help, but it was not accepted.

So the next time you hear anyone harping on protecting the environment, make them aware of this, the 34th edition, because this is proof that all of the organizations that purport to care about the environment, are not chastising BP or its owners for stopping the gushing oil from gushing and indeed spraying a poison on the Gulf of Mexico which is more toxic than the oil is.

The proof is in this edition that BP does not want to solve the problem which exists for humans and our sea creatures alike.

Arlene Johnson




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