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The 1001 Club

By Joel van der Reijden
September 6, 2005

Whether you look in Dutch, French, German, English, American, or South-African newspapers, there is almost no information available about the 1001 Club, or, as it is often referred to, the '1001 Nature Trust' and '1001: A Nature's Trust.' Even in the Netherlands, where Bernhard's involvement with Bilderberg should be widely known by now, absolutely no one has heard of his role in creating the 1001. The only official information available about this club is that it was established in the early seventies by individuals like Prince Bernhard, Prince Philip, Charles de Haes, and Anton Rupert, and that every member paid a one time fee of $10,000 to get lifetime membership. That's about it.

The strangest club in the world? Agha Abedi, Salem Bin Laden, Gyanendra Dev with Prince Philip, Sadruddin Khan, Mortimer Bloomfield, and Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis.

In 1948, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) was erected, mainly by Sir Julian Huxley, a famous biologist. Later, on September 11, 1961, Julian Huxley officially established the WWF [World Wildlife Fund], together with people like Prince Bernhard and Prince Philip. Ten years later, around 1971, WWF officials Anton Rupert, Prince Philip, and Prince Bernhard came together and decided to form a club that would generate an independent source of income for the WWF. Anton Rupert is said to have been the one who came up with the idea. Bernhard became the 'figurehead,' just as Joseph Retinger's secretary described his role in the creation of Bilderberg. Bernhard was well liked, knew many people on both sides of the Atlantic, and as a prince, he was considered neutral. Anton Rupert appointed the Belgian economist Charles de Haes as Bernhard's personal assistant. These two approached most of the individuals that would be invited to the 1001 Club. In 1974, all the members were recruited, each of them having paid the one-time contribution of $10,000. From this point on, we have very little information about how the club organizes its meetings and how much each of the members keep contributing. In 1980, Private Eye magazine wrote, "The puzzling question is what do the '1001' get for their money apart from private prestige and the privilege of dining with Prince Bernhard or the Duke of Edinburgh?

This is the only reference I (initially) found that talks about this club actually arranging meetings. The mentioning of diners seems to indicate the 1001 Club is organized in the same way as the Pilgrims Society, which arranges dinners two or three times a year with several hundred members attending at a time. With every dinner you have several guest speakers that are invited. Of course, if the 1001 Club has been set up in the same way is only our best guess. One thing we do know is that new members were still invited in 1996. On the website of Buttonboss Plc. we can read in their history section:

Buttonboss celebrated its 20th Jubileum and, once again, Prince Bernhard honoured us with his presence in attending the spectacular celebration party in Twente (Holland). It was on this occasion that he, in name of fellow members of the selection committee, offered Henk Brusse membership in the 1001-Club, for which he was responsible in founding. This club compromises 1001 good friends and relations of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard, all of whom support the world-wide activities associated with the World Wild Life Nature Fund.

It took some time and a lot of emailing, but on August 10, 2005 the Dutch branch of the WWF finally confirmed that meetings are still going on to this day (translation):

I received your question about the 1001-Club. Regular meetings indeed do take place. The location is different every time. For instance, last April there was a Panda Ball in Monaco and a dinner in Barcelona.

Could you please inform me why you are interested in this information? In my Email I asked if the meetings were held in London. The WWF employee said it is very likely that meetings have been organized there too. Besides the fact that this time I actually received an answer that was helpful, what is very interesting is that the information was given to the WWF headquarters in Switzerland, because a short time after I replied to her email (to thank her and to explain my 'casual' interest), WWF Switzerland became very interested in my website. I never said I had a site so it is obvious someone within the WWF either looked up my name on the internet or did a search on the 'Pilgrims Society' which I mentioned in my email. As far as I can see, my site only received visitations from the WWF's headquarters and not from the Dutch branch to which I sent my Email.

It seems the WWF isn't used to questions about the 1001 Club. It took WWF UK five weeks to reply and WWF Belgium three weeks. According to the Dutch Branch of the WWF questions should normally be answered in two days. When WWF Holland finally replied, the Swiss HQ immediately visited my site, without me ever having contacted them or having mentioned I had a site.

Three days after I uploaded the initial 1001 Club article  and 5 weeks after I sent them an Email WWF UK finally decided to reply. They confirmed the 1001 Club is still organizing meetings and added to it that  the one-time introduction fee has been increased to $25,000.

I have been in discussions with our major support section in order to find all the information that you require about the 1001 club.  There is a one off membership fee of $25,000 and there are field trips and events organised mainly by WWF International. If you have further queries please come back to us.

This short message took them 5 weeks! And why did this person have to go in "discussions" to receive "all this information?" Needless to say I did get back to them and asked if the regular staff actually knows about the 1001 Club or if all this information is held behind closed doors within the WWF headquarters. On September 5, 2005,  I received the answer. If we skip the usual apology for the delay, the whole email reads:

          "I would like to inform you that the 1001 Club is a scheme run by WWF-International, which is situated in Switzerland, and for detailed information we have to contact WWF-International."

As expected, the answer doesn't tell us a whole lot. Anyway, if you have a thousand members with an average age of 45-50 years or so, you'd expect that at least an average of about 20 people die each year. 20 new members who each pay the $25,000 introduction fee is a baseline income for the 1001 Club of at least $500,000 annually.

An obvious difference between the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society is that members of the 1001 Club are recruited from all over the world. You have Edgar Bronfman and Maurice Strong from Canada, Henry Ford and Robert McNamara from the United States, Antenor Patino and Gustavo Cisneros from Latin America, Sir Peter Cadbury and Lord Buxton from the United Kingdom, Hilmar Reksten and Alf Bjercke from Norway, Prince von Thurn und Taxis and Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza from Germany, Mobutu Sese Seko Nkuku wa za Banga, and Salay Edu from Africa, Mohammed Al-Naki and Agha Abedi from the Middle-East, Gyanendra Dev from Nepal, and Sir Kenneth Fung and Sir Y.K. Pao from Hong Kong. But what's the purpose of all these people meeting? According to the aforementioned 1980 article in Private Eye:

"The answer lies in the fact that the WWF International, in the cause of conservation, is increasingly shaking hands with economic and environmental ministers from Third World countries who control the important resources and markets which industrialists so desperately need. Under the guise of the WWF, businessmen can casually meet politicians who share their view that what is good for business is good for bank accounts."

Twenty years later, Dutch Attorney J. Wilgers explains to us how the IUCN and the WWF, according to his own research, have been created as fronts for British neo-colonialism (translation):

          "In 1948, the IUCN, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, was established. The most important person involved was Julian Huxley. This IUCN had a close working relationship with the British Colonial and Foreign Office. All his life Huxley had been working on projects related to the conservation of nature. In 1960, he made a trip through the British colonies that were about to become independent. He made sure that the British government was able to keep their hold on the nature reserves located in the countries of the Commonwealth, even today. Somehow he was able to convince the new African leaders that every person from Africa was a natural born poacher.

Great Britain has always been preoccupied with the capture of raw materials from the countries in the Commonwealth and the protection of the unlimited supply of it. It is noteworthy that the IUCN still has the affix, "for natural resources" [International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources]. I also point to the fact that the IUCN is an extension of the government offices and the public sector of the United Kingdom, because in the end, these are the real beneficiaries. A year after Huxley's trip, the WWF was established with the sole purpose of gathering funds for the IUCN. The IUCN went to the background at the moment the WWF came into existence.

Thirty years later, the WWF controls 10 per cent of the world's surface. They control 40 per cent of Tanzania. At the moment they are focused on South America. This is something of the last 5 years [since 1994-1995].

There are 2 types of parks: nature parks and strategic parks. The official purpose of the nature parks is the protection of nature. Often, these parks contain important minerals like diamonds or uranium. Locals are encouraged to leave or simply chased away. Type 2 are the strategic parks. If you look carefully you'll find that these parks are either located on certain ridges useful for military observation, or they are border transcending parks like for example those in South Africa and Mozambique... It is remarkable that corridors have been projected in such a way that they cleverly combine the preservation of nature with the gaining of a military advantage.

WWF map from a 2001. New parks have been created in the mean time.

It is known that in the past SAS units of the British army have been flown into South Africa and were stationed on territory controlled by the WWF with the purpose of conducting military operations... Military units have been trained in these kinds of parks and were later brought in connection with murders in the South African townships. In the Zambezi Valley, members of the military wing of the ANC have been shot at from WWF helicopters. The Zambezi Valley was the primary entrance into South Africa. Under the cover of fighting poachers, ANC members have been executed without any form of trial. I call that an undeclared war or genocide.

Wilgers is talking about one and half million deaths, most of them ANC members. He cites a 1989 Commonwealth report for that number. A second wave between 1990 and 1995 killed about 10,000 people. These so called 'strategic parks' don't seem to be limited to Southern Africa. For instance, if you take a look at Pakistan, our 'ally' in the War on Terror, you'll see 5 major national parks in the north of the country. One is located at the border with India, another at the border with China, and yet another one at the border with Northern Afghanistan. The management of these parks is working closely together with the IUCN and the WWF. The Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) of 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan is another partner in many of the same projects in that area. I don't know if these parks are used to conduct some type of military operations, but they sure are conveniently located and fit right in with the words of J. Wilgers.

Three major parks located at the borders of the surrounding countries. More detailed geographic information can be found at the websites cited.

Wilgers was persecuted by the WWF for making public statements that the World Wide Fund for Nature is a criminal enterprise. Unfortunately for the WWF they lost this case, although they never had to admit Wilgers was right. Wilgers wasn't "knowingly speaking untruths" or something like that. I guess you have to be an attorney to understand that kind of stuff. Years later, I made a call to Mr. Wilgers, who told me the 1001 Club is directed by the Privy Council and MI6, which now turns out to be incredibly similar to the leadership of Le Cercle. The last 3 chairmen of Le Cercle were Privy Councilors and deeply involved with British and foreign intelligence.

A lot more has been written about the policies of the World Wide Fund for Nature and their intelligence service TRAFFIC, but to me the real concern is too find out what the purpose of the 1001 is, who its members are, and how its meetings are organized. When you take a look at the limited and in part outdated membership list I've been able to compile, you'll find the leaders and founders of the nature organizations below. Can you imagine how many represented organizations we might find if the entire list were available?

African Wildlife Foundation

Used to be called African Wildlife Leadership Foundation. It was founded in 1961 by five individuals. Among them were Russell E. Train, Kermit Roosevelt Jr., and Arthur Arundel (1001 Club). Train founded the World Resources Institute. Roosevelt was a member of Le Cercle, co-founder of the Safari Club, and head of Operation Ajax which overthrew the shah of Iran.

Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP)

Founded by 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan. According to the World Bank in 2002:

"By many measures the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) is a highly successful NGO-run rural development program. It reaches some 900,000 people in about 1,100 villages in the Northern Areas and Chitral District of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border."

Formerly owned by the Latin American globalist giant Gustavo Cisneros. This leading Venezuelan environmentalist group was shut down after it was caught faking dolphin killings for a campaign against the tuna fishing industry. At times, the WWF and Greenpeace have been accused of doing the same thing.

Club of Rome

Officially founded by 1001 Club member Alexander King and FIAT's second man Aurelio Peccei. The former long time head of FIAT, Giovanni Agnelli has been named as a member of the 1001 Club. Two other individuals who helped with the establishing of the Club of Rome were Dean Rusk and Carroll Wilson, both members of the Pilgrims Society. King went on to work for the OECD.

International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation

King Juan Carlos of Spain is the patron of this organization. Carlos is a founder and honorary president of WWF-Spain and has recently been accused of being an overly aggressive hunter, not paying attention to the age of an animal, if it's pregnant, or the amount he shoots. Besides being a member of the 1001 Club, King Carlos is a member of the Knights of Malta and very close to Opus Dei. He has been hunting with George H.W. Bush (another Knight of Malta) and other heads of state.


1001 Club member and Canadian businessman David McTaggart was among the primary founders of Greenpeace in 1971 and became its chief spokesperson. From 1972 and on, he did everything he could to stop the French from conducting nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific. 'Former' SAS units have assisted Greenpeace in this effort, which seems to have given the French an extra reason to bomb the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand in 1985. McTaggart was chairman of Greenpeace International from 1979 until 1991. He died in a car accident on March 23, 2001 near his home in Italy.

Peace Parks Foundation

The founder and chairman of the Peace Parks Foundation is Anton Rupert, who is said to have come up with the idea of the 1001 Club. The Peace Parks Foundation manages the nature parks that are under the control of the WWF. The Club 21 is the primary financier of the foundation and also acts as its advisor. Among its 21 members are numerous companies of the Rupert Family, the Rothschild Foundation (English-Zionist), De Beers (English-Zionist), Deutsche Bank (German), Philips (Dutch),  Total (French), and Daimler Chrysler (U.S.). You can find more information about "Club_21.htm" here.

Survival Anglia

1001 Club member Lord Buxton was CEO of the Anglia TV Group from 1958 to 1986. He was chairman of the nature documentary producer Survival Anglia from 1986 to 1992. Besides being Prince Philip's right hand, he actively suppressed information about the WWF that the 1001 journalist Kevin Dowling wanted to make public.

Wildcat Foundation

According to EIR, 1001 Club member Arthur Arundel founded the Wildcat Foundation. The Wildcat Foundation seems to be a thing of the past.

WWF Worldwide

From Hong Kong to South America, all the national heads of the WWF are members of the 1001 Club.

Zoological Society of London

1001 Club member Lord Solly Zuckerman was president of this environmental group from 1977-1984. Zuckerman stood in close contact with Julian Huxley and was a science advisor to the British government.

Just as Le Cercle, a lot of members of the 1001 Club have a remarkably controversial background. We only know the names of a relatively small amount of club members, which probably gives us a rather lopsided view of the average visitor of the 1001 Club. Persons who have reviewed the entire list undoubtedly chose some of the more controversial individuals. That having been said, I can't think of a good reason to recruit the entire radical Zionist and Arab mafia in a group that is supposed to discuss environmental issues. Below is an extract of the more controversial and / or remarkable individuals. You can find all the names I've been able to gather on the "1001_Club_members_list.htm" complete membership list.

Agha Abedi

Co-founder and chairman of the BCCI, which went down in the most massive banking scandal ever. The role of the Bank of England was investigated by a Pilgrims Society member who became a member of the Order of the Garter in 2005.

Salem Bin Laden

Older brother of Bin Laden. Partner of the Bushes.
Killed in a 1988 plane crash after his involvement in the BCCI became known.

Conrad M. Black

Son of a British agent who founded Hollinger. Ardent Canadian Zionist who owns the Jerusalem Post. Member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderberg. After he let go of the company, Hollinger International accused him and other insiders of having pillaged the company for at least $400 million. The claim was dismissed by a judge, but a new lawsuit followed. The US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US government are also conducting investigations in some of his other financial dealings.

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield

Ardent Canadian Zionist who helped train the Jewish army in the late 1930's. Met numerous times with David Ben-Gurion. Member of the OSS, CIA, FBI Division Five, and president of the shadowy Permindex. Suspected of being involved in the assassination of JFK and the attempted assassinations on Charles de Gaulle. Member of the Order of the British Empire. Said to be gay, just like his good friend J. Edgar Hoover. Good friend of the Bronfmans (1001 Club).

Gustavo Cisneros

Latin America's billionaire media baron. Knight of Malta. Member of the chairman's council of the Americas Society, trustee of the Rockefeller University, member of the international advisory board of the Power Corporation of Canada, etc. Accused by Hugo Chavez of complicity in the April 2002 coup attempt in Venezuela and of using his private TV station Venevision to undermine the administration. Among his friends are the Rockefellers, Bushes, and King Juan Carlos. He would be a prime candidate for Le Cercle. Also look above at his involvement with the environmental group BIOMA.

Gyanendra Dev

Ascended to the throne of Nepal in June 2001 after most of the Royal family had been murdered by a family member.

Sir Francis de Guingand

A former British Major-General and chief of British Military Intelligence. Died in 1979.

J. Peter Grace

Former chairman of the Knights of Malta in the United States. Major player in the fascist underground in the post WWII era. Member of the Pilgrims Society, the CFR, and the Council for National Policy. Chairman of the chemical giant W.R. Grace from 1945 to 1992, which was especially big in South America. Close to the Rockefellers.

Nelson B. Hunt

He and his brother were oil heirs. His brother sat on the boards of some of the largest U.S. companies. Hunt is a member of The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus (Templar-inspired militant Christian organization). He was a major financier of the John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy. He sat on both boards and was president of the CNP in 1983 and 1984. Hunt has done jobs for the CIA, the Vatican, and the Rockefellers. He has been accused of creating death squads and being responsible for a genocide among tribes in the Amazon basin. He is suspected of having stood in contact with Lee Harvey Oswald, the
supposed assassin of JFK. He went bankrupt after his effort to corner the silver market failed. Convicted for it in 1988.

Editor's note: Anyone who has read my first edition, knows that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Thomas Jones

Longtime chairman, chief executive and president of the Northrop Corporation. Has been bribing international government officials all his life. Convicted for some of them.

Lord Joseph Kagan

Labour party donor. Head of Gannex rain coat manufacturing firm. Convicted of theft and conspiracy to defraud the British tax service. Was the conduit for the money from Lockheed to Prince Bernhard.

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

Direct descendent of the prophet Mohammed and the Assassin families, who worked with the medieval Knights Templar. Accused of being a British intelligence asset. The fact that John Train (cousin of Russell E. Train) was his roommate at Harvard makes this all the more likely. Longtime tennis partner of George H.W. Bush and heavy funder of the WWF. Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire and received awards from the Vatican. One of his wives, Anglo-Indian model Nina Dyer, committed suicide 3 years after they divorced. Aga Khan III, Sadruddin's father, was a Freemason and a member of the Privy Council.

Henry Kissinger

Accused of everything, convicted of nothing. Fritz Kraemer and Rockefeller protege. Member Pilgrims Society, Le Cercle, the 1001 Club, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay. Had a top position at companies like J.P. Morgan, AIG, and Hollinger. Initial head of the 9/11 Commission, but it turned out he was a little bit too controversial.

Meyer Lansky

Son of Jewish immigrants and well known mafia leader. He had an account at the BCCI and was a friend of the Zionist and co-1001 Club member Tibor Rosenbaum. Involved in everything from murder, drug smuggling, and illegal weapons sales. He was never prosecuted and died in 1983 in Florida. He was friends with mafia figures like Lucky Luciano and Bugsy Siegel.

Lavy, Leslie

Former head of the defunct David Samuel Trust (1970's information). 2005: Chairman of the Heritage Committee of the Commonwealth Jewish Council. The Council is allied with the British Commonwealth and the World Jewish Congress of which Edgar Bronfman is the long time president. Coincidentally, Namebase lists only one source of information about Leslie Lavy, which is a 1976 book about 1001 Club member and drug runner Robert Vesco. What are the odds?

Lippe-Bisterfeld, Bernhard von

Born and educated in Germany. Controversial past. Became Prince of the Netherlands. Commander of the Dutch domestic army 1946-1976, Inspector-General of the Dutch Air Force, Army and Navy 1946-1976. Approached by Vatican prelate Joseph Retinger to establish Bilderberg. Chairman Bilderberg 1954-1976. He had to resign from all of the above after he became involved in the Lockheed Affair of 1976. The ones who bribed him and handed him the money were also 1001 Club members. Bernhard was involved in the founding of the 1001 Club and was the head of WWF International and WWF Holland. Together with Edmond de Rothschild he was the godfather of Alexia Grinda, one of his extramarital daughters (he met the mother when visiting the Rothschild family in 1966/67). He loved to duck hunt with 1001 Club member Stavros Niarchos. Good friend of Zionist Mossad agent Tibor Rosenbaum, another member of the 1001 Club.

Daniel K. Ludwig

Very wealthy. Visitor of the Bohemian Grove. Destroyed a chunk of the rain forest in one of his business enterprises. He later helped Meyer Lansky, chief of the Jewish mafia in New York, to set up his drug money laundering empire in the Bahamas.

Cyril Magnin

Well-known Jewish San Franciscan. President of Joseph Magnin, Co. President of the port of San Francisco who succeeded in transferring the authority of the harbor to the city itself. Cyril Magnin was a good friend of Mayor Joseph Alioto (president of the San Francisco National Bank). Some people have accused Cyril Magnin and Joseph Alioto of having been members of the mafia and the circle that killed JFK. Mae Brussell, of who Magnin was an uncle, was a dedicated conspiracy researcher. She died of rapid-spreading cancer in 1988 while investigating child abuse with a connection to Army Intelligence and Nazis.

Boris "Bobby" Marmor

Convicted embezzler-turned-property-developer and casino owner whose activities are again under official investigation. (1980 Spy Magazine info)

Fred Meuser

The bagman for the $1.1 million bribe to Prince Bernhard from Lockheed Corp. in 1976.

Paul Mellon

Son of the extremely powerful and ruthless Andrew Mellon. Paul became an OSS station chief in London during WWII. After the war he and the family's companies worked closely with the CIA. Richard Helms, when head of the CIA, made regular visits to his house. He was a member of the Pilgrims Society.

Peter Munk

A Hungarian Jew, regular skiing partner of Prince Charles, and one of the wealthiest men in Canada. CEO and chairman of the world's largest gold-mining corporation, Barricks Gold, which was founded and majority owned by the controversial Iranian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Khashoggi has close ties to the British royal family and his career has been jump started by the Bin Laden family. Khashoggi has been a business partner of Wally Hilliard, the financial
backer of Rudi Dekkers who trained the main 9/11 hijackers. Munk tried to keep it under wraps that his company purchased the rights to a gold mine in Nevada -- containing $10 billion in gold -- for only $10,000. His U.S. gold mines have been accused of poisoning the local water. Munk was accused of insider trading in 1967.

Editor's note: Yes, right, the "hijackers" since there were no hijackers on those planes on 9/11/01.

Tibor Rosenbaum

A Hungarian Jew who became a a Mossad agent in 1951. He was a friend of Prince Bernhard. In 1958, he was the founder of the Swiss BCI through which he funded Mossad and Permindex operations. The bank was kind of a forerunner of the BCCI and equally involved in money laundering. In 1974, Tibor came into conflict with Edmond de Rothschild, because, as had happened before, Tibor embezzled money from the Rothschild owned Israeli Corporation.

Edmond Safra

Descendent of a Syrian-Jewish banking family. His ancestors were gold traders in the Ottoman empire. Founder and head of the reasonably large Republic Bank. In the 1980s and 1990s he and his banking system have been investigated for drug and money laundering practices ranging from the U.S. to Moscow and from Turkey to South America. In 2000, the Republic New York Corporation and its sister company Safra Republic Holdings were acquired by HSBC for $10.3 billion. He has many banking friends in England, Switzerland, and Italy. Safra died in a fire in his Monte Carlo apartment in 1999. One of his male nurses supposedly set fire to the building in order to rescue him and be the hero. Among the friends of the Safra couple were Nancy Reagan, Condoleezza Rice, and Prince Charles.

Mobuto Sese Seko

Long time dictator of Zaire, which went from one of the richest countries in Africa to one of the poorest. In 1961, Mobutu overthrew the communist Lumumba and, with the support of Belgium, executed him. He forced foreign business interests out of the country. Supported the Rwandan Hutu's, even after the 1994 genocide. When his government issued an order in November 1996 forcing Tutsis to leave Zaire on penalty of death, they erupted in rebellion. From eastern Zaire they launched an offensive to overthrow Mobutu which succeeded in 1997. Laurence Kabila (assassinated in 2001) came to power. The German BND accused Vatican agent Herbert Batliner from Lichtenstein of laundering money for Mobutu.

Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis

An old and powerful family from the Habsburg empire which went through some rough times during WWII. After the Prince suddenly died in 1992, his widow, Gloria, did a great job in further rebuilding the wealth of the family and raising his son. The Palace of Thurn and Taxis in Bavaria is still in use today and contains more rooms than Buckingham Palace. The corrupt neo-fascist German politician Franz Josef Strauss (Le Cercle) died in 1988 while on a hunting trip with the prince. In 1990, Joseph Brewda wrote something very interesting for EIR:

"On October 15, 1982, a month after the 1982 massacres, Sharon held meetings in the Chouf Mountains of Lebanon and at his Negev ranch with Falange leader Camille Chamoun, Uri Dan, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Douglas-Home, and others, to move the 'Landscam' West Bank real estate grab forward. On November 15, 1982, a final meeting took place on several real estate purchases, mostly through Arab middle-men, to push the massive expansion of Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank at a handsome profit. Attending the meeting at Sharon's ranch were: Kissinger, Lord Harlech (Sir David Ormsby-Gore), Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, Tory Parliamentarian Julian Amery, Sir Edmund Peck, and MI6 Mideast mandarin Nicholas Elliot." I could be wrong, but I never heard EIR, Joseph Brewda, or pretty much anyone else talk in any detail about Le Cercle. In the meantime I found out that Julian Amery was the chairman of this secret intelligence group and Nicholas Elliot was another important member. Amery's father was a hugely important Zionist. Look at the article about Le Cercle for all the details. Of course, it is no surprize that Kissinger is said to have been a member too. By the way, last year the prince's favorite fashion designer, Rudolph Moshammer, was found dead in a suburb of Munich with a phone cord tied around his neck. This person was also a favorite fashion designer of Arnold Schwarzenegger and King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Maybe it's nothing, but I come across a lot of strange deaths investigating this circuit.

Baron Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza

The Thyssen family's fortune was built upon a steel and armaments empire. In contrast with the Thurn un Taxis family, the Thyssen were one of the biggest supporters of the Hitler regime and had been building up the German war machine in cooperation with the Harrimans, Bushes, Rockefellers, and Fords. Pilgrims Society member John J. McCloy would acquit his father of all the Nuremberg charges, together with Hjalmar Schacht and Alfried Krupp. His second marriage,
in 1954, was to Anglo-Indian fashion model Nina Dyer. After they divorced she married prophet Mohammed descendent and 1001 Club member Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, divorced again, and subsequently committed suicide. His third wife, from which he also divorced, would later hook up with Alexander Onassis, son of Aristotle Onassis (1001 Club family). He married 2 more times. Today his empire has merged with that of the Krupp family, forming ThyssenKrupp AG, which has about 190,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of about 40 billion euros (2004). Franz Josef Strauss has been accused of taking at least one half a million dollar bribe from the Thyssens in order to promote some of their weapon systems. The company is represented at Bohemian Grove camp Mandalay through James H. Brandi (Pilgrims Society family). George H.W. Bush has also visited the camp at times, probably to remember those good old days.

Robert Vesco

The king of the fugitive financiers. Business partner of Mafia chief Meyer Lansky. Accused of stealing $224 million dollar in 1973 and donated $200,000 to Richard Nixon's re-election campaign. He tried to buy an island and establish it as a sovereign state. Stuck in a Cuban jail until 2009. He will be released when he
is 74.

Lew Wasserman

Jewish. Gave many millions to Jewish and Catholic causes. Donated so much to Catholic charities that Pope John Paul II asked to meet him in 1987. Wasserman was a god in the Hollywood movie business up to the 1980's. Stories circulated of executives who fainted or vomited in the midst of Wasserman tirades. Among his friends and business partners were many mafia figures, but his full involvement hasn't been fully explored. Died in 2002.



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Note: EIR's Jeffrey Steinberg claims he has multiple membership lists of the 1001 Club. I suggest you send EIR an Email to and ask them if they can put scans of these lists on their website. The 1001 seems to be so important that there's no good reason to keep this information behind closed doors. Steinberg agreed to send the lists, but forgot to actually post them... twice. Don't know why. The exact same thing happened with 2 individuals from the Netherlands. Anyway, although I'm pretty sure the following names and information is correct, I suggest you treat this article with some caution. Some of the names are so controversial I would like to have more primary sources for them. As more information becomes available the article will be updated. Meanwhile, [I] sent a couple of FOIA's to your government; maybe that will help.




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