Ringling Brother’s Circus Murders

Paul Allen Fisher, #080696/H31014, a man who cares more about human beings who have been murdered than he cares about himself declares, “Enclosed please find Sworn Deposition Pages, Letters, etc. that could point to the worst serial killers in modern history.
They are proof that the police did find:
3 bodies in NYC in 1980 in a 6 week period
5 bodies in Denver in 1999 in a 6 week period and
3 bodies in Denver in 1996 in a 6 week period for a total of
11 bodies Found In 18 weeks

These Deposition pages also speak of other bodies in other places and rumors of still more all found dead lying by the Ringling Brothers train!

If these murders have occurred for 25 years (1,300 weeks) as the Depositions prove, the math could point to a traveling graveyard the likes of which America has never seen.

But at the very least it is proof of 11 murders and others in other places, more than have been killed by the Unibomber and the Washington DC sniper. Enough to warrant an investigation and consideration in the media. At some point society must be worried because it is not just 11 bodies; it is more! The authorities failed, so the media mustn’t!

Paul is serving a life sentence at
Zephyrhills Correctional Institution
2739 Gall Boulevard
Zephyrhills, FL 33541-9701
for a crime he did not commit. If there is a person in the world who can help Paul, please contact him. It’s a tragedy that should have never happened. Paul’s fiancee, Susan, wishes he was free. The blue emphasis on the following pages is what Paul marked with blue marking pen because of its relevance to his case.

Paul Fisher
Paul Fisher

Here is Paul’s letter regarding a justifiable homicide because it was self defense. No date appeared on the letter, just his return address which has since changed.

“Dear Sir/Madam:
In April, 1980 I shot a man twice in the face, in Des Moines, Iowa. On trial for first degree murder, I told he jury if they brought him back to life, I would do it again. The jury had a cop’s wife and a cop’s nephew on it, as well as an ex-police officer. It fell clearly under justifiable use of deadly force and they found me not guilty. I told the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth and did not edit my feelings.
I beg here to be investigated regarding some multiple homicides, as I believe it’s the only way that I can expose some serial killers. After I got out of jail for the above, I subcontracted a concession from Sells Floto, Inc.; it’s a company my best friend told me was started by Ringling Brothers Circus for tax reasons. My friend, Bobby Johnson, was the general manager. He warned me when I started that the police had found dead bodies everywhere the Ringling Brother’s train was parked. Whenever police came to the next town to ask about them, everyone said they didn’t hear or see anything. He said they were either scared or didn’t want to get involved, but that ‘we know it’s the elephant handlers killing them, so watch them because they are dangerous.’ Months later, on January 19, 1981, I was attacked by five elephant handlers, one of whom was shot and killed. My friend came to see me in the Sarasota County Jail where I was being held for first degree murder, only 9 1/2 months after the other (Iowa) shooting. He said his bosses threatened to fire him if he said anyting about the other bodies found everywhere they had been. He said that Ringling Brothers was afraid it would hurt business, as they were a kiddie show and parents would be scared to bring their children if it got out dead bodies were found everywhere the train was parked.
All I had was my friend’s words and no proof as to who, what, and where...I thought! So I kept my mouth shut, not saying a word to my lawyer, the State Attorney, or homicide detective. But I didn’t know they were all aware of the other bodies, as the enclosed sworn deposition pages of a homicide detective and the head of security for Ringling Brothers proves. None of them knew I was aware there were dead bodies all over the country and none of them said one single word to me about them either!
Here I am, a man charged with murder twice in 9 1/2 months, and officials are on record talking about dead bodies all over, and they don’t ask me where I was, did I do it, or anything. The only way they could know I didn’t kill all those other folks is [because] they knew who did kill them! They also never told the media, but even though that courthouse and county and city jails sit on Ringling Brothers Blvd., you shouldn’t assume that they covered up for Ringling!
But low and behold, just like my friend told me, Ringling didn’t want it to come out and it didn’t. Just a coincidence. The deposition pages of the head of security say they found three bodies by the train one year in New York City. And my ‘alleged’ attorney is on record on the homicide detective’s deposition asking him if he’s heard the ‘rumors’ about bodies (plural) being buried on circus grounds. To which the officer answers ‘yes.’ Then he goes on to ask the officer if he’s aware that other bodies had been discovered other places the train had visited. Checkmate!
None of them can tell you they were not aware of all those other murders now. Or explain to you how come they didn’t investigate me or any of the other Ringling employees for those murders. They didn’t ask anyone any questions, except other authority figures. Why? My lady [Susan, his fiancee] found these records in 1995; they hid it from me, the jury, the media, and especially society. Just like Ringling Brothers wanted it to happen. But who told them about those other bodies? And why didn’t they make a peep to anyone? President Clinton can’t keep himself, his wife, or past business associates from being investigated for stealing money. But Sarasota County can do it!
So how come Ringling Brothers can keep me and all their other employees from being investigated for all those other murders? If it wasn’t a cover up, none of this I’ve described would have happened, as it did. I wouldn’t plead guilty to manslaughter, so they gave me life. My lawyer put on no defense and called no witnesses, although the depositions he gathered show another man could have fired the gun and it was only fired once. On top of that, two coroners told him it was a textbook case of accidental discharge of a firearm during a struggle. I’ve never had a lawyer ‘defend’ me and I’m dyslexic. I haven’t been protected, you see.
Kim Basinger and Ali MacGraw called for Ringling to be shut down because 26 elephants have died between 1994 and 1998, so the elephant handlers are still killing. And this may be a long editorial, but it’s long overdue. If the papers can print four and five pages a day on Clinton’s kiss and no tell policy, they can print this. It’s the only way to stop those serial killers who have been hidden for 25 or 30 years. How many did they kill? I WILL PASS A POLYGRAPH; THEY CAN’T!


He signed his name.

Paul A. Fisher

Tony Walden’s Deposition, Head of Security for Ringling Brother’s Circus:

Q Do you know Raul Palomares?
A Yes, I know him.
Q Was he ever part of this group that beat people up?
A In New York City, I think last year. Yes, he was there. Incidentally, we had several thefts on the train last year, and I was working overtime down in New York City, down in Lower Manhattan and tying to keep an eye on that train along with two off duty policemen.
They had several break-ins on the train, and we found three dead bodies on the side of the train. The kids were graffitoing up the train, and we had our hands full.
A show girl’s compartment got broken into and a lot of stuff was missing and this and that, and so, she accused one of the elephant guys.
This guy was Puerto Rican, but he looked white. I can’t think of his name right now, and he spoke with a Spanish, you know, --
Mr. Kay: Rolando Riviera?
The witness: Yeah. [yes]
A And, she thought he did it. So I went down to the elephant car and investigated since that’s part of my job.
As I walked in the car, Raul was standing there, and he said, Who is it? I said, Tony, and I’ve got two city policemen with me, and I want to come in. Page 28

Tony Walden’s name printed

Sarasota Sheriff Homicide Detective McMahon’s Deposition 1981:
Q Since you live in Venice, are you familiar with the rumors that apparently are rampant about bodies being on the circus grounds down there?
A That’s been mentioned, yes.
Q To your knowledge and, again, geographically because you’re located down that way, has anyone been discovered as far as the body being discovered on those grounds?
A Not to my knowledge, no.
Q You’re aware that bodies have been discovered, though, other places the train has visited, right?
A Not really, no.
Q You haven’t heard anything?
A No.
Q Other than what’s contained in the transcripts, did you question any of these civilians about Fisher’s background and his personal propensity for violence?
A I can’t recall who he was talking --which witness it was, but it was mentioned that he was involved in a shooting death in another state. But I don’t recall who that was.
Q Did you have anyting to do with accumulating these apparently character people relating to the victim, Palameros, [sic]in California?
A No.

Letter from Susan, Paul A. Fisher’s fiancee, to Detective Rick Schneider, Denver Police Department dated November 16, 1999 regarding Homeless Homicides:

“Dear Detective Schneider:
Per our telephone conversation on this date, please find attached several documents relating to information that may assist in your homicide investigation. Said information especially relates to allegations of other like homicides in or about Ringling Brothers circus trains all over the country over a long period of time. My fiancé, Paul A. Fisher, is most eager to provide you with further information that may assist you. As I mentioned on the telephone, he is an inmate here in Florida. He may be contacted at the following address:

Everglades Correctional Institution
1599 S.W. 187th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33194

*Mailbox #: H28 (in lower left hand corner of envelope)

Mr. Fisher is more than willing to undergo a polygraph examination regarding any information he has that may be relevant to your investigation.”

In handwriting Paul lists several items:
1. Denver Homeless Homicides, 8 blunt trama deaths, 5 in 1999 from early September to mid October, 3 others 3 years before in a 6 week period only when circus [was] there.
2. Compare Coroner’s Reports of Denver Victim’s to 3 found in NYC in 1980 (or 79) mentioned in Head of Security’s deposition. And other bodies in other places mentioned in Homicide Detective’s deposition.
3. Get body count for NYC, Chicago, LA & Denver for past 25 years when circus train parked there or shortly after it pulled out.
4. Get body count for whole schedule then, and you’ll find its worst serial killers in USA. And all boot & shoe prints will match, found by body’s from one town to the next. Someone got a fingernail in one of them, there’s DNA & [a] coward will tell on others once it’s over.
5. This has been a traveling graveyard for Blacks, bums & homeless for the last 25 years. Society must be warned. How many of these Denver Homeless are Black?
6. If they only killed 6 people a year over the past 25 years that 150 bodies, more than Ted Bundy, Gacy, Stano & Jeffery Dahlmer’s put together.
7. What if they killed 12 a year or 24 a year/ they killed 5 in 6 weeks in 1999!
Management knew for the past 22 years who was doing it, so they are civilly & criminally liable.
The words, Exhibit C, were hand written on this page.

Exhibit A:

The Coffee Boy
Jerry Schafer

More than twenty-five years ago I produced & directed a movie called; “The Low Price of Fame.”

The movie was shot entirely on location in Des Moines, Iowa. The stars of the move were Rory Calhoun, who at the time was also the star of his own television series entitled; “The Texan,” and Yvonne De Carlo, who at the time was starring in the hit television series; “The Munsters,” and Gardner McKay who was the most popular television star of the era, starring in 20th Century Fox’s hit television series, “Adventures In Paradise.”

Al three of these television stars were also movie stars who had appeared in many feature films.

The script called for a huge bon-fire burning out of control near a farm house. Our location manager set us up on a perfect property, located way out in the country.

The special effects department did their job. The bon-fire was huge and burning out of control. The cameras were rolling, my assistant director and the stars were standing next to me as the fire roared.

Suddingly I felt a tugging on my pants. I looked down to discover two little kids dressed in bib overalls. One kid was black, the other was white. The white kid asked me if they could be our coffee boys for the day. Rory Calhoun told me he thought we could use the kids, so, I made them a deal. A dollar a day to be our coffee boys.

The white boy was named Paul...Paul Fisher. The black boy was called “Buddy”...we never knew his last name. Both boys were twelve years old.

The boys did a good job day after day. Paul seemed to be real ambitious. Little Buddy was a cute kid with a major problems. He was deaf! The entire crew and the stars fell in love with those two kids.

As they say in Hollywood, “CUT” INSERT A SIGN: “TWENTY TWO YEARS LATER”

I was sitting in my office typing the re-write of a film when my secretary told me I had a call. Who is it I asked. She told me it was a woman named Susan. I immediately thought it was an actress looking for a job. I picked up the phone and said hello.

Susan asked me if I was the director who made a movie in Iowa approximately twenty years ago. I told her yes, I did. She asked me if I remembered a little coffee boy named Paul. I had to think for a moment but then I remembered Paul and his silent side kick, Buddy.

I told Susan that I did remember. Well she said, I’m Paul’s girl friend, we’re going to be married. I asked her how she found me. She explained that she found me through the Director’s Guild. She went on to tell me that Paul was in prison for a crime he was innocent of.

What was the crime I asked. There was a rather long pause before Susan answered. Murder, she said, the crime was murder! When did this happen? How long has Paul been in prison? I had lots of questions and Susan had all the answers. As it turned out, Paul had been in prison for seventeen years! 17 YEARS.

I knew that Paul came from a poor family. I suspected that he grew up on the railroad tracks in the poor section of Des Moines. As I said, the last time I saw Paul, he was twelve years old. This phone call intrigued me. I was amazed that Paul remembered me after all these years.

Susan gave me Paul’s address and his prison number. I began to correspond with him. Letter after letter told me how Paul had been convicted of a crime that he insisted he was innocent of. Susan has told me many times that this was a classic example of a travesty of justice.

I became more intrigued. I asked to see the court records and a transcript of the trial. After reading these documents I began to believe Paul’s story. There was definitely something wrong.

I have been corresponding with Paul now for a little over seven years. During these years, I have tried to get media peole to look into his case. I have written countless letters to countless people in an attempt to get them to look at something that may be a travesty of justice. No luck. Nobody was interested.

At one point I convinced a private investigator to look into the case. He began to check things out on a very cold trail of circumstances but before long he became convinced that the trail was simply too cold to discover anything that could help Paul.

I told the investigator that I wanted to write a movie about Paul and that if he would continue to investigate, I would give him a piece of the movie. The investigator fashioned himself to be a writer. He began writing what he thought was the script to the film. He began corresponding with Paul. Before long the whole idea turned into a cluster fuck. The investigator didn’t have a clue as to what or how I wanted to write this film.

Although I had told him how I would write the story and how Paul and I decided it had to be written, that didn’t seem to matter. He had his own agenda.

In any event he went away and things came to a standstill. Things related to writing the story. I continued trying to help Paul in one way or the other.

I wrote to the governor of Florida. A stone wall. I wrote to more media people...no answers. Eventually, through a series of circumstances I had the opportunity to meet with an investigator from a show called, America’s Most Wanted. Paul had gotten a confession from a fellow inmate regarding the murder of Adam Walsh, the son of John Walsh, the Host of America’s Most Wanted.

The investigator told me that he would go to the prison and interview Paul. He also told me that the man Paul said did this killing was his number one suspect through the entire murder investigation.

The investigator told me that if this turned out to be the right information, he would do what he could to assist Paul. Finally I thought I did something that may help.

For some unknown reason the prison would not allow the television show to interview Paul. As a matter of fact, they transferred him to another facility. Then, they transferred him again.

During the years of correspondence, Paul has explained his dilemma to me. He has tried to explain how he knows that a string of serial murders have taken place that have gone undetected. He knows who the murderers are. He knows where they committed the murders. He also tells me that these killers are the ones who are responsible for the killing he is presently serving time for.

I wonder if the information in this letter will cause you to call me and assist in finding out the truth in this matter.

No matter what, I intend to write a movie called THE COFFEE BOY that will depict the trials and tribulations of Paul A. Fisher, 080696. Paul is currently incarcerated at the Everglades Correctional Institution in Miami, Florida.


J. Schafer
His address was blacked out.

Exhibit #1
Is a photo copy of 776.012, Ch. 776 F.S. 1979. Use of force in defense of person. This law clearly states in the latter half of the paragraph that a person is justified in the use of deadly force only if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or another, or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony.

Exhibit #2
Is a copy of Richard Hensley’s Deposition, in which he:
a) states he was trying to break my arm before the gun went off, on page 19, lines 10-12, which would fall under 776.012.
b. claims to have known me from 1977 and 1978 working as a concessions vendor, page 33, lines 3 through all of page 34. On pages 35, 36, and 37, Richard Hensley talks about my character, i.e. what he knows of me.
c) on page 28, lines 19-23, after some discussion of the facts and dates of Mr. Hensley’s employment at the place in question, he states he worked there from 1976 until March of 1979, Sirs. If you’ll look at the following exhibit:
Exhibit #3
Is a letter from the D.O.C. in Iowa. You’ll find that I was under the custody of the Deparment of Corrections in the State of Iowa from 1975 until March 31st, 1979, Sirs, which would make it impossible for this man, who was used as a star State’s witness at trial, to know me, or to be telling the truth.

Exhibit #4
Is a copy of part of my cross examination of Richard Hensley at trial. It is an example of just a couple of places where I caught him committing perjury, (as I also did the only other witness broght from the scene). And

Exhibit #5
Is a photo copy of Florida Laws on Perjury, and 837.02, by contradictory statements shows that Mr. Hensley did commit these crimes. But he has never been charged, and this is why my friends and family have complained to the Governor and other law enforcement officials in Florida. My conviction and incarceration are based on lies, Sir, which cost the taxpayers $15,000. per year to house an innocent man while the real criminals in this case roam your streets. Someone in Sarasota has failed to perform the duties entrusted to them, Sirs, and is therefore failing the good taxpayers of this State and their loved ones. Someone has to correct it, not everyone can look the other way and say I’m wrong because....

Exhibit #6
Is one page out [of] Martin Parson’s Deposition, and it states clearly that another man fired the gun. Mr. Parsons was also a State’s witness in this case--a witness that my lawyer did not even question about this other man, or subpoena him to trial to testify. Or the next witness:

Exhibit #7
Is a photo copy of a newspaper clipping with the State’s Attorney’s handwritten notes below it, and an added letter from my attorney to the State’s Attorney.
A) The notes in the State’s Attorney’s handwritting say:
-Defendant’s theory of accident is consistent
- Can’t dispute possibility that defendant’s wrist was turned upward when victim was shot.

But Sirs, Exhibit #6 shows clearly that someone else fired the gun. It was only fired once during this struggle and then by one of the five (5) wanted criminals and ex-cons who jumped me. He shot his friend by accident when he was trying to shoot me in the face. This fact does make him very dangerous to the citizens of this State. But neither the cops, court officials, my lawyer, nor anyone since has shown the least bit of interest in finding him. And my lawyer didn’t subpoena the next witness either.

Exhibit #8
Is a copy of Dr. Richard Meadows’ Depostion. A doctor who examined me and said I was terrified at the time this incident took place. And also that I was telling the truth, that it was an accident. The State’s Attorney even told this man a lie to try to sway his testimony. A very serious lie, Sirs, and one you yourselves can verify. He said I pulled a gun on a 12 year old child in Chicago. I’ve never been arrest[ed] in Chicago in my life, and I have never been charged with any crime against a child in my life, Sirs. Even when these people knew it was an accident and that I was telling the truth, they still framed me.
I had to defend myelf at trial because it became clear to me that my lawyer had no intention of doing so, Sirs, which is a crime in itself because the next exhibit....

Exhibit #9
Is an affidavit that shows I have the mind of a 12 year old child. So, five wanted criminals gang up on a retarded individual, then the court system in Florida comes to their aid, and not mine, even though they know I’m telling the truth and they are not. Well, that’s not justice, Sirs. It’s sickening. And this is not, I repeat, not Russia. You don’t have to stick up for criminals because they work in the legal system. And I may be a 12 year old in my mind, but I’m smart enough to realize that’s why our government and country are so messed up today--no one wants to straighten out the corrupt officials and wrongs in the system. The next exhibit....

Exhibit #10
Shows the courts in Sarsota won’t give me (or lawyers for an insurance company being sued for one million dollars) any copies of the coroner’s depositions, Sirs. They can’t. It would prove they framed me knowingly, beyond any doubt. Because both coroners, Dr. Ronald Wright and Dr. Robert W. Dein, said the victim was shot by accident.
God gave me one gift when he gave me my learning defect, Sirs. I retained a 12 year old’s imagination, and for fiction books, nothing can compare with imagination. My books are about to be published, and may be by the time this committee reads this request.
I’m sure that an author of some credit, (a retired police officer and law enforcement official) will then write a book about my ordeal, and that a movie will be made of it. I would like to be able to say that not every official in Florida is irresponsible. I would like be able to say that although some are corrupt, there are some who are really concerned about the truth and justice.
If this committee turns down my request, I won’t be able to say these things because in the eight years since this nightmare began, I’ve yet to meet an official who really cared about the truth and that an innocent man was sentenced to life in perhaps the worst man-made Hell in the country.
It should be noted that a defendant has a right to all favorable evidence. It’s been years, and I can’t get the coroner’s deposition. My attorney and the State’s attorney always throws an altered taped statement of mine at anyone, (Florida Bar, etc.) who investigates my case. (A paper copy of it)
I said it was altered at trial, and the Judge ordered me not to say that (on the record) in front of the jury. So Freedom of Speech, one of our most basic rights, was denied to me at my trial. But that taped statement does not jive with the medical evidence and can not stand the test of an expert’s examination to see if it’s been altered. The police tried the same thing in Iowa when they tried to frame me for murder. Only there, my Freedom of Speech was not restricted, and I had a good lawyer, an ex-cop.
In closing, the courts have shown no desire to correct this injustice. They don’t seem to care that my rights were violated at every stage and that this whole thing is a bunch of lies that can not stand a true and fair examination. Not only my life, but also the taxpayers’ money is being wasted. If this office does not stop this injustice then Florida officials will look totally corrupt, and all for a bunch of lies, because I’ve been to everyone else.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul A. Fisher

P. S. I’ve only been out on the street eighteen months since I was eighteen years old, and I’m thirty-two now. Please give me my life back. The wanted criminals and ex-convicts who started this whole mess are not worth my life or the State’s hard earned tax dollars. Not to support their lies!

This exposé continues with some pieces of testimony of Hensley, the man who stated that he knew Paul Fisher when he could not have known him:

“Hensley - Direct
Q What did they do?
A I was busted to private and had three months hard labor.
Q Where was that?
A Camp Lejeune. And then I had another one. I cut out, went AWOL.
Q Was that after or before?
A After the first initial conviction.
Q How long were you AWOL?
A Three months.
Q Were you punished for that or disciplined for that in any way?
A Discharged, and locked up.
Q For how long?
A Three months.
Q That was the three month gig we were talking about before A Yes.
Q Now, from ‘76 to ‘79 you were with the red show, and then what did you do?
A I left in March of ‘79, came to New Jersey, and started working up here. I worked for a cable company. That’s what I’m doing now.
Q What company is that?
A I worked for R. T. Cable in Orange.
Q Where are you working now?
A Philadelphia.
Q Is that the name of the company, Philadelphia Company? A No.
Q You are working in Philadelphia?
A Yes Northwest Homes Movies, Home Box Office.
Q What is your present address?
A 5118 Rochelle Avenue, Philadelphia.
Q The people that were immediately involved in this circus. I’m going to go through them one at a time, and their names, and you tell me how long you know each one of their names, and you tell me how long you knew each one of them, what your experience has been with them. Let’s start with Radar. How long had you known Radar?
A A year or so. I’m not really sure. He worked the blue show. I worked the red show. We knew each other.
Q What does Radar do?
A He’s an elephant man.
Q Is that what you did?
A No. I worked on the red show with leopards and tigers and elephants.
Q In January, though, you were with the blue show?
A I was with the blue show, working elephants.
Q And had you been with the blue show in Venice for a year? A No.
Q How long had you been with them?
A Just a matter of a couple of weeks.
Q So you just came on in January or when, late December? A In January
Q How is it that you had known Radar for a year?
A Just meeting. Well, he had been with the show off and on for several years, and I had met him just, you know, casual type meeting somebody. When everybody gets back to Florida, we all kind of stick together.
Q I’m trying to put the time frame together. If you just came with the blue show the first time in January, were you not in New Jersey between ‘79 and January, ‘81?
A Yes. Maybe it was several years. I had known of him and he knew me, basically on a professional basis more than anything else.
You know, they were trying to figure out who was the American working with all the Germans. That’s how everybody got interested in me. “Who’s the American?”
Q You were the American I take it?
A Yes.
Q So the best you can recollect you first became aware of Radar sometime when you were working with the red show between ‘76 and ‘79?
A I’d say ‘78, around that time.
Q Did you party with him and socialize with him?
A Yes.
Q When you came with the show in January, is it accurate that you hadn’t seen him for a year or so?
A Yes.
Q How about Bob?
MR. KAY: And this would be Bob Montgomery?
MR. DANNHEISSER: This would be Bob Allison.
A He was another of the instances where he had been working there off and on over a few year period. And somewhere along the way I met him. I don’t know how long. Because he worked on a head shift for a while. He worked horses.
Q Were you close with him at all, as far as socializing?
A We lived together.
Q Did he live in your car?
A Yes. He was elephant crew too.
Q Elephant people stay in the same car?
A Yes.
Q So we got Radar. We got Bob Allison. Who else?
A Raul, me.
Q How long had you known Raul?
A three or four years. I met him in winter quarters, in Venice, in ‘77, ‘78, between ‘77 or ‘78, when we were down there.
Q Was he with the red show then?
A Now. [sic] He was with the blue show.
Q Was he still working with the elephants?
A He was an elephant handler.
Q And youwere with the red show at that time working with tigers?
A Yes.
Q All the people that you wre exposed to when you came iwth the show in January, who were you closest to?
A Raul. There were two of them. There was Raul Palomares. And Gomez and I had worked around animals for the last eight or nine years. They were basically my two friends. Little Raul and Foul Raul, that’s the way we differentiated between the two of them.
Q That’s Mr. Palomares?
A Yes.
Q Why did they call him Foul Raul?
A I don’t know. He’s a good kid. He wasn’t an animal or anything.
Q Did he deal pot?
A No.
Q You lived with him in his room, right?
A Right.
Q To your knowledge you never saw him deal pot?
A I smoked it with him, but I never seen [sic] him selling any of it to anybody.
Q Who was the bootlegger? Do you know his name?
A No.
Q How long had you known Fisher? Did you know him before January, 1981?
A Yes.
Q When did you first meet Fisher or become aware of Fisher?
A He was a concessions vendor on the red show, ‘77, ‘78.
Q Are you sure of that?
A This guy was a drifter. He popped in and out, you know.
Q Well, pretty much everybody in this group is a drifter, right?
A No.
Q Aren’t they on the go?
A A large percentage of them. But the crew I put together is still working for the red show. I was just down there yesterday with them.
Q Are you sure Fisher was a concession vendor with the red show?
A At one point in time, yes.
Q About how long ago was that?
A A couple of years.
Q Is that when you first became aware of him?
A Yes. I remember seeing him around.
Q Do you register anything about him?
A He was a punk.
Q I don’t know-- A Mouthy.
Q Tell me why he is a punk. END of partial testimony of Hensley
Unsigned Affidavit for Dr. Ronald Wright:


I, Dr. Ronald Wright, do hereby submit the following affidavit on behalf of petitioner Paul Allen Fisher:

That I am presently a professor in the forensic department at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Miami, Florida.

That in 1981 I was hired to examine the body of Raul Palomares in Sarasota, Florida and give my expert opinion as to the cause of death of the same.

Because of the powder burns on the entrance wound and the bullet’s path being almost straight up through the body and the organs that the bullet hit, it cannot be disputed that the defendant’s wrist was turned when the gun fired. My findings were that it was a textbook case of accidental discharge of a firearm during a struggle.

The State Attorney asked if the victim leaned back and could that account for the path the bullet took. My answer was “no.” We know the victim was standing straight up when shot, because his skeletal structure would have changed the position of his organs had he leaned back, and the bullet would not have hit all that it hit. The shooting was a textbook case of accidental discharge of a firearm during a struggle and was likely not intentional.

Dr. Ronald Wright



In handwriting Paul said, “Ask for Copies of Deposition for Dr. Ronald Wright & Robert W. Dein & The Tape of Taped Statement I gave detectives at time arrested for testing by sound experts to insure it wasn’t altered.

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Article about Dr. Wright:
Ronald Wright Is Finalist For Broward Examiner Job
Dr. Ronald Wright, nationally recognized for his work as deputy chief medical examiner in Dade County, is one of two finalists for the job of chief medical examiner in Broward County. The other contender is Dr. Joe Burton, chief medical examiner for Georgia’s Dekalb and Cobb counties, the Atlanta area. State Attorney Michael J. Satz and County Administrator Graham Watt will pick the successor to Dr. Geoffrey Mann sometime this month. Dr. Mann retired in May after the Broward Grand Jury and county officials criticized his outside pathology practices.

A letter from Ben Kay, Assistant Public Defender to Mr. B. V. Dannheisser, Office of the State Attorney who is located at 2070 Main Street, in Sarasota, Florida 33577 regarding the case of

State v. Paul Allen Fisher #81-124-CF reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Dannheisser:
This is to advise that Dr. Ronald Wright, medical examiner in Broward County, will not be called as a defense witness but rather will be relied upon by the defense as a consultant in fields of pathology and ballistics.


He signed his name.

Ben Kay
Assistant Public Defender

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Letter dated February 21, 1984 from Paul W. Grossheim, Deputy Director of Institutions to Gary Wyder, Prison Minister, Lake Butler Church of Christ, 435 N.W. 2nd Street, Lake Butler, FL 32054 reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Wyder:

Reference your February 13, 1984, letter and the undated ‘permission to release’ letter from Paul Allen Fisher #19415, postmarked February 13, 1984. Records indicated he was first received at the Iowa Men’s Reformatory in Anamosa April 15, 1975, and discharged from the Iowa State Penitentiary, Fort Madison, March 31, 1979. There is no verification of the earlier December 9, 1974, date.


Signed by Paul W. Grossman

Paul W. Grossheim
Deputy Director of Institutions


Handwritten notes by Paul:
Sentenced and in Fort Des Moines. Thought it was also run by Department of Corrections. But ‘75 is still long before 76 date Skip started working for Ringling and March 31, 1979 is after he quit-he claims records show he was fired in 1979 March.

In short I was in prison the whole time he claims he knew me so it’s all lies, and perjury that the States Attorney knows about.

Exhibit #6 is testimony:
Q Just before the gun went off, who had hold of Fisher’s shoulder, do you know?
A Somebody else backed up with me, he is not here no more. He was like one of the new guys.
Q Do you know what his name was?
A They just started, there is that one guy, the one that fired the gun--
MR. DANNHEISSER: The photographer, -- no, he was not there.
A No, there was somebody else, one of the new guys, I remember we were supposed to go to Court the next day, and everybody showed up except for that one guy, and that one guy acted like he was so concerned and everybody else showed up except for him, in the morning. Not the guy that seen [sic] him throw the gun, the other guy.

Q Was his name Montgomery?
A I don’t know, but he backed up, too, you know.
Q What did you do immediately after the gun discharged?
A I just, like, I just looked -- I walked up, and by that time, Fisher was gone, we went out the back door.

Paul wrote, “Only other original Police statement was David Francis Gay! The July 3, 2001 USA Today, Williams County Deputy Sheriff David Gay was fired for trying to get 2 deputies to join the KKK! Is his middle name Francis? If so you found the man who fired the gun & took off next day.



Ringling Brothers Circus only plays in the United States and Mexico; it is for this reason that I did not publish this information in my internationally distributed e-zine, The Journal of History, because it is not world news. However, an injustice has been done nevertheless, so if there is anyone who can put a halt to this falsification, please contact Paul A. Fisher. Contact me at ajohnsonpresnsi@truedemocracy.net should he be transferred again. He has been transferred numerous times so could be again.